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Apr 2014
I had a reading by a Medium
who talked to my husband.
What is a Medium, I ask...
For I was clueless.
Why they are a psychic
who see and talk to a spirit
of a loved one perhaps?
Sure they do...
This is crazy...
But OK, I'll have a reading.
Well he saw my husband.
Did your husband like to garden?
Why yes he did.
So after a few more
why yes he dids
he told me that my husband
said to look for
a dragonfly and know that it
will be him sending me his love.
OK, thank you.
I hadn't seen a dragonfly in years.
so I left the building
walked to my car
and there sitting on the drivers side
of my car on the mirror was
a dragonfly...he fluttered his wings
as I stood and stared at him.
Then off he flew...
That was just the beginning.
They were everywhere after that.
I was working in my craft room
and looked up as one landed on
the screen of my window.
Just looking in, for at least 15 minutes.
At the swimming pool, one would
zoom on down by me as I was
in the water swimming.
It seemed that everywhere I went
After that reading by the Medium
I saw a dragonfly.
A coincidence? Perhaps...
Because seeing a dragonfly
whether real or not, brought me comfort
and I could feel my husbands love...

by ~ judy
When you loose a family member to death, or even a friend,
sometimes something happens, whether real or not, to make you feel close to them...a silly old dragonfly worked for me last summer.
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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