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Jake O May 2017
I present for you
A user’s manual
For your new set of headphones

First: connect to your device
You may need a cord
Or use Bluetooth
But you need to connect to an outside source
The headphones do not come with a playlist

Second: put the headphones on
Make sure you maintain maximum ear coverage
Headphones are not as effective if you can hear the outside world
The thud of footsteps
The jumble of conversations
The pitter patter of rain
And the sound of laughter
Are not as harmonious as your music

Finally: begin the first song
Listen to it blissfully
Because only you can enjoy it
No one else is allowed in on your personal concert
There is no need to take off your headphones
There is no need to turn the volume down
There is no need to disconnect from your mobile device
Because here
No one can hurt you
You can’t hurt anyone
And you can pass by the world like a ship in the night

The headphones have a lifetime warranty
However, we cannot refund you
On the time, friends or opportunities you might have lost
While using our product

Sincerely, your inner coward
Jake O Dec 2015
My coat doesn't stop the shivering
The fire chills my bones
The sun is useless as always
When I'm standing by myself

My legs are numb
My fingers have lost their color
In the middle of summer
Under two pounds of covers

And I look out the window
At the people grouped together
Warm all of the time
Be it summer or winter

And I shiver alone
Callous and cold

Nothing heats as well as another warm body
Jake O Nov 2015
The Modern Sleeping Beauty is not found in the middle of a forest
Surrounded by flowers and small animals
With a light shining through the treetops
Illuminating her pristine body

The Modern Sleeping Beauty is not awoken by a prince
Wearing a royally white outfit
Who softly kisses her on the lips
To remove the magic curse

The Modern Sleeping Beauty does not finish the fairy tale
Marrying the handsome prince
With a happily ever after
Disney-style ending

No, the Modern Sleeping Beauty can be found curled up on a couch
Wearing a leather jacket and grass-stained jeans
Listening to someone else's music
Undisturbed by the world bustling around her

And the Modern Sleeping Beauty is awoken by a nondescript character
Who heard the bell ring
And wanted his headphones back
So he shook her lightly

The Modern Sleeping Beauty
Is more beautiful
Than any fairy tale
Jake O Oct 2015
An open window
A cold winter morn
A snow covered field
A white rabbit
An undeniable truth
Through the window frame
You can imagine the glass pane
Jake O Oct 2015
Ten minutes late
One foot in the door
No one notices the new addition to the party

Twentyish people
Three rooms
There is little space to hide

Twelve gallons of soda
Six bags of chips
The fuel is never ending

Two hands holding
Two bodies touching
The most recent arrival awkwardly observes

Four hours later
Two sodas downed
The intimacy still increases

One step forward
Two steps back
He drifts toward the door

Twenty minuets pass
Fifteen miles driven
The boy sits at his computer and composes his regrets

Seven stanzas written
One memory burning away
He still doesn't know how if he should sat down,
put his arm around someone's shoulder
and talked the night away

About a week later
He forgets how to hold someone's hand
Jake O Oct 2015
There is no more lonely a role than the observer
We sit off to the side, and watch the world away
No promise of immortality could repay us for our duty
No material possessions could reward us for our time

When you can't part take in the wonders of the world
When you can't interact with your fellow man
When you must sit idle as time flows by
You can't help but feel jealous

As they talk
As they laugh
As they fight
As they cry
I watch from a safe distance
Still callous and jaded

Am I complaining?
Am I going to act on this?
Because I have embraced this role
Because I have decided that this is best for me
To remain back
To remain out of reach
To give up the warmth of touch

But I will soldier on
Relenting only to myself
As it is my duty
To observe
To take notes
Like a lecture
So I can pass on my lessons
To those who live in the world

To those who notice me
To those who ignore me
Know this
I am here
Envying the human life of intimacy
That I have given up
Jake O Oct 2015
A good friend of mine once said:
"This is one of those things that funnier when you're sleep deprived."
I believe it was at 2am
And we couldn't stop laughing
Because that's what sleep deprivation does to you
It's alcohol to the under 21
It's marijuana to the cardless
The world makes perfectly no sense
And you just laugh and laugh

Then the sun comes
And you hear about the crash on the television
And remember why you aren't allowed to drink and drive
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