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Jake O Nov 2015
The Modern Sleeping Beauty is not found in the middle of a forest
Surrounded by flowers and small animals
With a light shining through the treetops
Illuminating her pristine body

The Modern Sleeping Beauty is not awoken by a prince
Wearing a royally white outfit
Who softly kisses her on the lips
To remove the magic curse

The Modern Sleeping Beauty does not finish the fairy tale
Marrying the handsome prince
With a happily ever after
Disney-style ending

No, the Modern Sleeping Beauty can be found curled up on a couch
Wearing a leather jacket and grass-stained jeans
Listening to someone else's music
Undisturbed by the world bustling around her

And the Modern Sleeping Beauty is awoken by a nondescript character
Who heard the bell ring
And wanted his headphones back
So he shook her lightly

The Modern Sleeping Beauty
Is more beautiful
Than any fairy tale
Jake O Oct 2015
An open window
A cold winter morn
A snow covered field
A white rabbit
An undeniable truth
Through the window frame
You can imagine the glass pane
Jake O Oct 2015
You ever just want to lay down
Look up at the stars
You yearn for it all day
And when you finally find the time to do it
It's daytime

You ever just want to stare out into the horizon
Chase the sun at 65 miles per hour
And when you finally think you've caught it
It's still millions of miles away

You ever just want to drill down
There's a bee line to China
You dig in your backyard all day
Until you're stopped by bedrock

And if you answer no
Then there is one thing I know
That everyone has reached for
It's not the stars
It's not the sun
It's not the center of the earth

There's a girl who sits two seats down
You know her name, her hobbies
And that smile you can't stop picturing
You know this girl is out there
(Or guy if you prefer)
You ever just want to reach out
And connect with her?

You know who I'm talking about
And you've probably thought the same
"I should talk to her some time"
And there's only you to blame
For the days
Months that pass you by
Because there's a theme amongst these stanzas

That no matter how much you try
You're fingers will only slip through wisps of air.
Jake O Oct 2015
A good friend of mine once said:
"This is one of those things that funnier when you're sleep deprived."
I believe it was at 2am
And we couldn't stop laughing
Because that's what sleep deprivation does to you
It's alcohol to the under 21
It's marijuana to the cardless
The world makes perfectly no sense
And you just laugh and laugh

Then the sun comes
And you hear about the crash on the television
And remember why you aren't allowed to drink and drive
Jake O Jul 2015
Walking down a country road
While the sun sets
Behind a glorious mountain background

Getting lost
And refusing
To use google maps

Letting your mind wander
Through the wonders of imagination
During physics class

Sitting down
To list all the little things
And deciding enough's enough
Jake O Apr 2015
Last time I checked
Something new under the sun
Is a wondrous miracle

Over the course of one hundred thousand years
To find a new possibility
Feels nearly impossible

And yet,
And yet,
When the thoughts flow from your mind
Onto the page
We can marvel at the original work of art
The original work of your mind

The piece fades away
Amongst the reality we heap upon it
Like the bottom of the laundry hamper
But we will find it again
And clean it off
And smile

It's quite the miracle
That these exact words
Have not been written before
Jake O Apr 2015
Blink of an eye
Snap of a finger
Everything can change
Before you can say

Peace has been restored
Love has been formed
Life has been created
In less time

Wars have been started
Hearts have been broken
Lives have slipped away
Even faster

Every wink, blush, smile and tear
Are all caused
By reactions with speed
Approaching mach one

My world has been blown to pieces
Put back together
And shattered again
In a blink of an eye

It takes less time
Than the snap of a finger
To change the world

So, don't wait for your soul mate
Don't wait for the glory days
If you take time to affirm it
You might miss it

Life happens
Jake O Apr 2015
I don't see it very often
But when I do, it looks like this

It looks like red hair
Tied back in a pony tail
With eyes that no one thought could be so blue

It looks like 7:00 at night
As well as 6:30 in the morning
When the sun douses the sky in hue

It looks like the west
Or the east
Depending on where the mountains are

It looks like the girl three seats back
Who keeps tapping the desk nervously
Worrying about the scratch on her car

It looks like the pitch dark
With the small dots glowing
That you see when you look up at night

It looks like the beach
With the people swimming through the waves
Or lounging in the sand, soaking up the light

I never really knew beauty though
Until I first met you
With that confident smile
That you don't see very often
And eyes that no one thought could be so blue
Jake O Apr 2015
Back and forth
Over the endless limits of human interpretation
Over the moral implications of our infinite doubt
Over the riddles of the great world
Over philosophy and the abstract

But while they bicker
They ignore the warm summer breeze
And drown out the songbirds

— The End —