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Nov 2015
The Modern Sleeping Beauty is not found in the middle of a forest
Surrounded by flowers and small animals
With a light shining through the treetops
Illuminating her pristine body

The Modern Sleeping Beauty is not awoken by a prince
Wearing a royally white outfit
Who softly kisses her on the lips
To remove the magic curse

The Modern Sleeping Beauty does not finish the fairy tale
Marrying the handsome prince
With a happily ever after
Disney-style ending

No, the Modern Sleeping Beauty can be found curled up on a couch
Wearing a leather jacket and grass-stained jeans
Listening to someone else's music
Undisturbed by the world bustling around her

And the Modern Sleeping Beauty is awoken by a nondescript character
Who heard the bell ring
And wanted his headphones back
So he shook her lightly

The Modern Sleeping Beauty
Is more beautiful
Than any fairy tale
Written by
Jake O
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