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Jaspal Kaur Jun 2018
A little sober,
More of drunk.
A little happy,
More of sad.
A little fixed,
More of broken,
A little smiling,
More of crying.
mood swings, fluctuating feelings
Jaspal Kaur Jun 2018
The only thing that scares me most is the sunrise.
The moment I see daylight spreading over houses and trees, all my fears become alive.
The fear of people seeing the pain of lost love in my eyes.
The fear that someday my smile will no longer be able to hide the anguish of broken heart.
The fear of breaking down in front of a crowd.
The fear of loving and getting attached.
The fear of unrequited love scares me.
The darkness of night hides all my fears in my eyes that nobody can see.
Jaspal Kaur May 2018
A stake through my heart <3
What would it feel like.
That beated for you,will suddenly stop.
These eyes, that always longed to see you will close forever.
These ears, that always craved to hear your voice, will never listen anything from you again.
These lips, that always wanted to talk to you will be silent till eternity.
My body that always wished for your hug, will turn cold forever.
still sad thoughts
Jaspal Kaur Sep 2017
I don't consider myself as a writer.
I am a lover.
Your lover...!!!
Your love makes me write..!!!!
Jaspal Kaur Sep 2017
I feel like drunk today
Drunk in your love
Drunk in betrayal
Drunk in the sweet poison of friendship
Drunk in the insecurities of being alone
Drunk in the want to cutoff everyone
Drunk in the memories of past
Drunk in the yearn to get you
And the hangover is going to last forever..!!!!
Jaspal Kaur Aug 2017
I suppose I am living because someday you will come for me.
With your arms wide open, you'll hug me
and whisper in my ear,
Jaspal Kaur Aug 2017
Don't try to seep into my soul,
Beneath lay words that suffocate.
love to write whatever i think.. but I read this somewhere. loved these lines.
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