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 Oct 2014 JadedSoul
Harley Hucof
It was the middle of the night
I saw this girl dressed in white
She was sitting on the road alone
So i came closer to ask her whats wrong
I approched and placed my hand on her arm
"Hey there lady i mean no harm"
She seemd careless crying like a little kid
Before i had time to say anything else
A guy came out of nowhere with a gun pointing to my head
Then the girl started to laugh
They took my money
They took my keys
And left me in the middle of the street

I tried to help but i got scammed

A couple of days later i get this call
It was the police they had found my car

With two dead body inside

Death Cause : Overdose

It looks like those two robbed me to buy some drugs...

Words Of Harfouchism
Sometimes it's better to mind our own business
What goes around comes around
In my
 Oct 2014 JadedSoul
Skating on thin ice
Everything I say seems to make you hate me more
That’s not how it’s supposed to be
I whispered in your ear and you accused me of screaming

Dear husband,
Who is supposed to love me when you don’t?
Who am I supposed to impress when I can’t  even arouse your curiosity
Wasn't it only yesterday when I was the object of your interest?
Or wait maybe it was just lust and now years of child bearing have diminished my worth?

Dear husband,
What about those promises made under the stars?
Or the five children that we had in less than 10 years?
Or the bruises I hid every time you hit me and I didn't tell a soul?
What about them my love?

Dear husband,
Yesterday I put on the dress that you used to like,
You said I look like a *****,
I tried another one and you called me an old hag
What changed my love?

Dear husband
Don’t say I never loved you,
But today I'm going to file for a divorce
I'm not ashamed, I'm not a failure
I'm just a woman standing up for herself!
men, lets love our women even when age catches up with them....
Even loving you becomes the absolute failure,
It is the most beautiful failure I could ever think of....
For the simple moments when I feel actual passion.
I don't care if it is a delusion.
 Oct 2014 JadedSoul
 Oct 2014 JadedSoul
I almost want an apology for how you made me feel
but like your love,
I won't be getting it
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