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jas Aug 2020
ive been pushing day and day
been pushing wrong from night
i just want to what's right
jas Aug 2020
its passing by
don't you realize

when i open my eyes
i wonder why
another reason to live

here i am
jas Aug 2020
sometimes i can't even think
i can't even write
bringing me down, to the last memory
that i had,... don't you worry
jas Aug 2020
another sip of a gin
here we are again
night of darkness
seeping in

don't you ever want to take control?.

when we touch
i feel it all
jas Jun 2020
all of my life
i could never control inside
it was always
in my mind
for the time
jas Jun 2020
should have known from the very start
you were only going to break my heart
why oh why didn't I see the signs
should have known every day I cried

begging you to love me right
all you ever stayed was quiet
they weren't lying when they say love is blind
couldn't lose you without a fight

but you proved me wrong
over and over again

savage love
you really broke me
savage love
why can't you see
what we coulda been
written to the beat of savage love - jawsh 685
jas Jun 2020
never felt so alone
stuck in my room
such a dark place
never felt so cold
chills run down my spine
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