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Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In Nazareth's hidden corner, where hopes did dwell,
A carpenter's tale of wonder, only time can tell,
Whispers echoed through the narrow streets,
"Can anything good come from such humble beats?"

Jesus, the destined one, with skillful hands,
Carved dreams from timber in forgotten lands,
For in the realm of sawdust and wood grain,
Lies the power to defy limits and restrain.

In a town overlooked, his journey took flight,
A symphony of purpose, an eternal light,
For greatness, he sought, amidst doubt's abyss,
With love as his compass, he'd surely persist.

Like a master craftsman, his heart shaped anew,
A future abundant, where dreams could accrue,
He embraced the rejected, the wounded, the weak,
Turning despair into hope with every word he'd speak.

Through dusty roads, he walked with grace untold,
Uniting divided souls, like stories yet to unfold,
For it's not in grandeur alone that true worth lies,
But in hearts filled with love, reaching for the skies.

So let us dream of a future, where doubts fade away,
Where miracles thrive and darkness turns to day,
In the humblest corners, potential will bloom,
A symphony of resilience, breaking barriers of gloom.

With faith as our armor, we'll march hand in hand,
Transforming the mundane into a vibrant wonderland,
For the power of dreams knows no earthly reign,
A tapestry of hope, we'll weave through joy and pain.

Let skepticism crumble beneath our united will,
For creativity's magic shall the world fulfill,
Like a kaleidoscope of colors, our spirits shall ignite,
Weaving a masterpiece, where love takes flight.

So let us honor Jesus, the carpenter of might,
Whose story ignites our souls, like stars in the night,
With every stroke of inspiration, let us forge ahead,
Crafting a better future, where love's legacy will spread.

In the symphony of life, let doubt's anthem cease,
As we embrace the divine spark, finding inner peace,
For in our hands, lies the power to create,
A world of compassion, where dreams resonate.

So let us paint a masterpiece, brushstroke by brushstroke,
With hope as our canvas, let love provoke,
In the most creative tapestry, we shall play our part,
Building a future that transcends every heart.

In this realm of possibilities, we shall persist,
Inspiring generations, as dreamers and activists,
For from Nazareth's humble realm, we'll surely learn,
That greatness blooms where even doubt could adjourn.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the shadows of great men, I stand,
Their faith, their strength, I cannot comprehend.
I worry if I can meet their lofty heights,
Or if I'll crumble under doubts that never end.

Paul, who fought the good fight till the end,
Finished the race, and kept the faith so true.
But I, a weary soul, burdened by fears,
Wonder if I have the strength to follow through.

Peter, the rock of the Church, they say,
Crucified upside down, his fate so grim.
Can I bear the weight of such sacrifice,
Or will I compromise when faced with sin?

Andrew, who preached in far-off lands,
Crucified on the cross of St. Andrew's name.
Will I have the courage to spread the gospel,
Or will my voice be silenced by fear and shame?

James, executed by the sword's cruel blade,
Forgiving his guard, seeking peace in his last breath.
Could I show such grace in the face of death,
Or would bitterness consume me till my death?

John, beloved disciple, entrusted with care,
Mary, the mother, in his faithful hands.
Exiled to Patmos, revelations received,
Can I endure such trials in distant lands?

Stephen, the martyr, his tears fell like rain,
****** to death, yet never caused his foes to wane.
Can I bear such hatred with love in my heart,
Or will anger and resentment fuel my pain?

The list goes on, a testament to faith's cost,
Each name etched in sorrow, suffering, and loss.
As I contemplate their stories, I tremble inside,
Will I measure up or crumble beneath the cross?

In the depths of my soul, I find despair,
Overwhelmed by the weight of their legacy.
I question if I have what it takes to stand,
To endure the trials that may come for me.

But in the midst of my worries and doubt,
A glimmer of hope begins to take hold.
For in their weakness, these great men found strength,
Their stories inspire, a tale yet untold.

So I'll gather the fragments of my broken faith,
And lift my eyes to the heavens above.
Though I may falter and stumble along the way,
I'll seek the courage to walk in their love.

For in the shadows of great men, I stand,
Embracing the struggles that may come my way.
With trembling steps, I'll strive to follow their lead,
Trusting that God's grace will guide me each day.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In shadows deep, I find my place,
With heavy heart and weary soul.
Can I, like those great men of faith,
Meet the standards that God extols?

Job, the perfect and upright one,
Feared God and shunned all evil's touch.
But can I, in my brokenness,
Emulate such strength, oh, so much?

Faith, the substance of hoped-for dreams,
Evidence of unseen realms above.
But without it, I'm left adrift,
Unable to please the One I love.

Abraham, called to unknown lands,
Obedient, though uncertain of his fate.
Offered Isaac, his cherished son,
Could I bear such trials, or simply break?

Moses, forsaking a life of ease,
Refused the titles of earthly pride.
Chose affliction, suffering with the chosen,
Could I relinquish what I hold inside?

The walls of Jericho crumbled down,
After days of endless circling round.
Their faith unwavering, resolute,
While mine falters, cracks upon the ground.

And David, the man after God's heart,
Anointed amidst Saul's demise.
But can I, with all my faults and flaws,
Capture the essence that God implies?

These great men of faith, they haunt me,
Their towering presence casts a gloom.
In my weakness, doubts consume,
Am I destined for eternal doom?

Oh, Lord, I tremble in my doubt,
Lost in the shadows, faithless and weak.
Can I ever stand like those before,
Or am I condemned to endless bleak?

The burden weighs upon my soul,
The fear of failure grips me tight.
Can I meet the standards set above,
Or am I destined to dwell in night?

In shadows deep, I find my place,
Yearning for a glimmer of hope.
Oh, grant me strength, divine embrace,
That I may find the faith to cope.

For in my brokenness, I plea,
May your mercy wash over me.
Guide me, teach me, light my way,
That I may stand, redeemed, someday.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
Perebote! The King has graced our presence, they proclaim,
In the land where resilience and strength remain.
Oba no dey go on transfer, this truth we hold,
For his reign is eternal, a story yet untold.

From Nigeria, a land of vibrant hue,
I proudly stand as an Ijaw, Bayelsa through and through.
The Glory of all Lands, my state's blessed name,
With ancestral wisdom, our heritage we reclaim.

In joyous harmony, my ancestors will cry,
For the chains of Legbe's *******, I'll defy.
Breaking free, their spirits uplifted and revered,
Their legacy lives on, in me, persevered.

When I depart from this earthly domain,
The earth itself will tremble, in recognition, it will strain.
For a piece of something profound will forever be lost,
Ikimi, my name, carries the weight of utmost cost.

The earth shall tremble when I bid farewell,
For something precious will be lost, I can foretell.
Ikimi, my name, in Ijaw it speaks,
Of significance, importance that none can critique.

In the heartbeat of Nigeria, I find my place,
A tapestry of cultures, a diverse embrace.
Deep within, the rivers of wisdom flow,
Proverbs and tales from the ancients aglow.

In the heartbeat of Africa, I take my stand,
Embracing the wisdom of my ancestral land.
Deep proverbs flow like rivers from my tongue,
Tales of resilience, in which our spirits sung.

Like the mighty Niger, coursing through the land,
I carry the essence of my people, hand in hand.
In every step I take, their spirits guide my way,
Respecting traditions, in the present and each new day.

From the plains of the Serengeti to the Nile's flow,
I carry the legacy of greatness, it's mine to bestow.
In each step I take, I honor their legacy,
Guided by their wisdom, in truth and unity.

The rhythm of the drums echoes in my soul,
As I dance to the beats that make me whole.
From sunrise to sunset, I honor the land,
With gratitude, I cherish, hand in hand.

Perebote! The King has arrived, I hear them say,
In the realm where ancestral echoes sway.
Ikimi, a name that bears the mark of esteem,
Signifying importance, a cherished theme.

In African accent style, I embrace my roots,
A testament to the strength that Africa imputes.
For I am a vessel of traditions and pride,
With the land of my birth forever intertwined.

Ikimi! Let my name be heard afar,
As I honor the legacy of my ancestral star.
In unity we stand, with passion burning bright,
Preserving our heritage, a beacon of light.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the tapestry of life, a truth holds strong,
To get the best of life, patience will prolong.
For the end, dear friend, holds treasures untold,
In its gentle embrace, dreams will unfold.

Though beginnings may whisper with uncertainty,
Hold steadfast, my soul, for the end is the key.
Though peers may sprint, seemingly miles ahead,
Be patient, dear heart, your own path will spread.

The seeds of your efforts, sown with care,
In the soil of persistence, will surely bear.
Though the road may wind and the journey be long,
Each step you take, you grow wise and strong.

When doubts cloud your vision, obscuring the light,
Keep the faith burning, shining through the night.
For faith is the compass that guides us along,
Leading us closer to where we belong.

Your time will arrive, as sure as the sun,
Unfolding a destiny that's uniquely spun.
The symphony of your life, it patiently waits,
For the crescendo of success, and joyful gates.

In the grand tapestry, each thread has its place,
Embrace the beauty of your own special pace.
For life's greatest treasures are not to be rushed,
But savored, cherished, in moments hushed.

So, be patient, my dear, do the work with a smile,
Every endeavor, every step, is worthwhile.
The end, like a masterpiece, will soon be in sight,
Revealing the splendor of your persistent fight.

For in the best of life, patience holds the key,
Unlocking the wonders that are meant to be.
Embrace the journey, with a heart full of grace,
And behold the magnificence of your own unique space.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the depths of despair, where shadows reside,
Lies a poem of anguish, where hope has died.
To get the best of life, they say, be patient,
But in this bleak existence, patience grows vacant.

The beginning, a mere illusion, an empty shell,
For the end, they say, matters more, they foretell.
Yet as I trudge this desolate path alone,
The end seems distant, a cruel unknown.

Peers march ahead, their success ablaze,
While I stumble, lost in this desolate maze.
Comparison haunts my weary, burdened mind,
As I toil, unseen, in the deafening grind.

Be patient, they say, do the work and believe,
But faith dwindles, like a flickering eve.
How long must I wander, devoid of solace,
While others revel in life's sweet embrace?

Time mocks me, relentless in its ceaseless flow,
As I drown in sorrow, with nowhere to go.
The weight of existence, a burden too great,
Each step I take feels like a cruel twist of fate.

Will my turn ever come, or am I forever confined,
To this desolate realm, where dreams are maligned?
The best of life, a distant mirage, elusive and cold,
Leaving me broken, with a spirit that's sold.

So here I stand, amidst the ruins of hope,
With a heart that's shattered, clinging to a fraying rope.
For patience alone cannot heal my wounded soul,
As I grapple with a fate I can't control.

In this unpleasant verse, my voice does cry,
A symphony of despair, a melancholic lullaby.
For in the face of darkness, I find my release,
In the depths of these words, my anguish finds peace.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

A gentle whisper stirs within,
A reminder of the life we've been given,
A chance to paint our dreams on time's canvas,
To embrace each moment with fervor and compass.

Let not the hours slip through idle hands,
Instead, let passion guide us through life's sands,
For in this fleeting journey we embark,
Every step taken leaves an everlasting mark.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

With every sunrise, a new dawn unfolds,
A symphony of possibilities, untold,
Be it the whispers of art or the dance of words,
Or the melodies that fill the hearts of the birds.

Embrace the passions that set your soul ablaze,
Let courage guide you through uncharted ways,
For the world awaits your unique melody,
Unveil the brilliance that lies within, set it free.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

Chase the dreams that paint your sky,
Let determination be your battle cry,
For life's challenges may try to pull us astray,
But resilience and faith will light our way.

Embrace the joy in every twist and turn,
In lessons learned and bridges burned,
For even in failure, growth finds its place,
A chance to rise, to conquer with grace.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

So let us seize each moment without regret,
With love as our guide, let's never forget,
That life's true essence lies in the pursuit,
Of passions pursued with courage and truth.

In this precious life we're given,
Where dreams and hopes are driven,
Let our spirits soar and dwell,
For what's worth doing, let's do it well.

As the symphony of life reaches its final note,
Let our legacy be one that forever floats,
A testament to a life fully lived and shared,
Where dreams were pursued, and souls truly cared.

So let us embrace this journey with all our might,
Illuminate the world with our love and light,
For in this precious life we're given to dwell,
What's worth doing, let's do it well.
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