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The first time I saw the ocean
I was transfixed, caught like a
fish on a hook, or a newborn
baby first viewing its mother.
Enraptured and forever
emotionally captured.

For over 75 years the irresistible
pull and power of the sea does
still inspire and enchant me.
This is a purely one-sided affair,
as the vast oceans pays to me, or
any human no attention whatsoever.
I am compelled to revisit my coastal
Pacific sea several times a year, to
renew this intimate enduring
relationship. Recharge my batteries
as it were.
Some say humans evolved from
life in the salty sea, can that be the
attraction? A salt fixation?
the happy hearts,
the broken hearts,
the sparkling hearts,
the hurting hearts,
the tearful hearts,
the lost hearts,
The confusing hearts
the beating hearts,
the silent hearts,
the tearful hearts,
The sad hearts,
the blessed hearts,
the blooming hearts,
the childlike hearts,
the old soul hearts,
the dreamy hearts,
the beautiful hearts,
The poetic hearts,
No matter the journey
Through thick and thin
as long as we are together,
we are not alone
The game is never over
Rise with grace
And win the race ❤️
Today I sit and reflect
I realized that
I am a small
fish in the pond

At the same time
I real-eyes

I am enough

I am enough just as I am
Even when my situation
suggest other wise

I am enough

I am enough when I make
My fare share of mistakes
for I am only a human

I am enough

I am enough even,
When others try to put me
in a box , because I don’t fit their ideals

I am enough

I am enough
Even when the cards stacks
All against me

I am enough

I am enough
For anyone
that dares to know me

I am enough
I am enough
I am enough.
Dread and Gloom!
All these emotions running through my head to name a few.

Taking the plunge,
And self-publishing one's first book,
Uncertain of this loving recreation's first foray into the world,
Will it be loved?
Will it go unread?
Only time will tell for this collection of prose and truth.
I decided to self publish my first collection! I can't wait to see how it goes and it's all thanks to this site and the wonderful people on it. Thank you all for your kind words and support!
 Jun 2023 Ikimi Festus
K Bee
Look at this garden,
I grew it myself.
I whispered to the roses that were once wilting
You're stronger than this
so they could grow wild and beautiful.
I gave the sunflowers all my support
so that they could turn their faces to the sun
stand tall
and never worry about where their roots were again.
I gave them all my water
to keep them here
to keep me company
so I try to ignore
how parched they've made me.
I have no purpose any more.
I’m a painter who’s gone blind
And a singer who’s gone deaf.
There is no call for what I sell.

I still daub colors on a board
To smell the Linseed Oil again
I hear the music in my head
And mouth the words in silence.

There is no surgery or cure,
What’s gone is lost forever.
And I must find a way to live
In silent darkness, if I can.
Another of those dreary tomes I wrote when I was depressed. I'm better now.
I’ll be there when you call
I’ll be there if you fall
In you I’ve found my future
I’ll be there
I’ll be there

I will watch while you sleep
I will hold you when you weep
My eternal love won't fail you
I'll be there
I'll be there
A while back I put up the first verse and asked for help with a second.  I got a lot of suggestions but could't make them work.  After some time a comment by a fellow poet gave me the inspiration for a second verse, which is above. I thanked her and then promptly lost her name in  my damaged brain. Now all I need is a bridge.
I gave half of my heart to Jesus
And the other half wallows in doubt
Casting dark shadows over my soul.

Why does the road always seem crooked
When the Bible tells us that it is straight.
Is it because I can’t read the map clearly.

Why are my every-days so dark and gloomy
When God’s love shines with such a bright light
That only requires opening the shutters.

Biblical verse is awash in enigma;
Where one place orders that you must stand tall
And another proclaims that you need to bow down.

The  half I committed is safe and contented
The half that is doubtful is lost and alone
The two halves at battle have left me immobile
For neither has won and only I lost.
Still looking for an answer.
Kindness is a luxury that all can afford.
So why is the world filled with so much evil?
Patience is an attribute not hard to acquire
So why’s everyone in a frantic hurry.
Forgiveness cures so very many ills
So why is revenge flavor of the month.
Happiness is an attainable state
So why is humanity so upset and angry.
God’s still in Heaven with hope to bestow
So why is humankind too stupid to know.
I just get tired of all the ugliness sometimes.
Who ever told you that
         Words are useless
            Has never truly
              Experience them
                 Dance around their minds
                    And feel them through
                        Their souls personally

                      ­           What’s left unsaid
                                     Has left unhealed
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