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Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In shadows cast by burdens' weight,
I wander through a bleak estate,
Where debts entwine like chains of fate,
And dreams of love lie desolate.

Oh, wretched soul, trapped in this snare,
My heart, once hopeful, now stripped bare,
For love's embrace seems all but fair,
As debts devour the joys we share.

The golden band that graced my hand,
A symbol of a promised land,
Now tarnished by the debtors' brand,
A bitter curse I can't withstand.

With each passing day, a mounting toll,
A debtors' song, an endless role,
No solace found in midnight's shoal,
As dreams of wedded bliss take a toll.

I yearn to hold my lover near,
To banish all the doubts and fear,
But in this realm of debts austere,
Our love's sweet whispers disappear.

The wedding bells, a distant chime,
Lost amidst this pitiless rhyme,
As debts entangle, stall, and bind,
Our future fades, a shattered mime.

No fairytale ending shall we find,
For love's foundation, undermined,
By creditors' greed, so unkind,
Our plans to wed, forever confined.

Oh, cruel fate, with callous glee,
You douse our hopes, relentlessly,
In this abyss, we'll cease to be,
A tragic tale of debt's decree.

So let my tears flow like a river,
For shattered dreams and love's endeavor,
As debts consume, and hearts deliver,
A woeful dirge, a love that withers.

In the depths of debt's relentless snare,
A lover's union, left threadbare,
A somber tale of love's despair,
Bound in the debt's suffocating lair.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In riddles, I shall weave a tale of woe,
Where suffering and sin in shadows grow,
With each line, a glimpse of sorrow's grip,
And the hope that lies beyond the crypt.

Sometimes, amidst suffering, sin takes flight,
A dark companion in the depths of night,
But God, He welcomes hearts humble, repentant,
Job surrendered, acknowledging, transcendence.

"I despise myself," Job cried in the dust,
Repentance found in ashes, a solemn trust,
Creator and creation, a divine divide,
Job's surrender to God, his soul's abide.

Not only against God, sometimes we transgress,
Sinning 'gainst friends, leaving wounds to address,
Job's companions failed him, love turned astray,
With misguided counsel, they led him astray.

The Lord's anger burned, His verdict clear,
Job spoke truth, his friends filled with fear,
Though friends may falter, God never does,
In our misery, He remains our refuge.

Job's friends on defense, their comfort amiss,
"Miserable comforters," he did dismiss,
His strength flowed from knowing his Redeemer lives,
In flesh and spirit, hope forever gives.

"I shall see God," Job's heart did declare,
His eyes beholding, no other to share,
Within him, his heart faltered, fainting and weak,
Yet his faith in the Redeemer, victory it would seek.

One day, our eyes shall witness the sight,
Our Redeemer alive, with radiance bright,
He stands upon the earth, triumphant and grand,
With Him, we face tomorrow, victors we stand.

So, ponder this riddle, let it linger in air,
In the midst of suffering, do we sin, beware?
But in humble repentance, God's grace does ignite,
And one day, our Redeemer's glory shines bright.

Do you, dear soul, embrace this truth divine?
Will you seek redemption, let your heart align?
Amidst suffering and sin, will you turn to the light?
Will you surrender, in His arms find sleep?
Answer this question, let your spirit take flight.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the realm of despair, where shadows creep,
A poem of proverbs, sorrow runs deep,
Amidst the darkness, the lines unfold,
Echoing truths that need to be told.

Bad things befall the virtuous and just,
In Job's tale, suffering we trust,
His life unraveled, yet blameless he stood,
Faithfulness to God, misunderstood.

It's never too late to reclaim your way,
To be who you might have been, they say,
In the face of trials, hope must remain,
God's presence, our solace, in midst of pain.

Job, a beacon of faith in the storm,
Though slayed, he clung to hope, his norm,
No one can steal joy or peace divine,
When hope in God's hands we firmly entwine.

In the silence of God, His presence stays,
Though questions linger, through nights and days,
Job wrestled, seeking answers to his plight,
In the fiery furnace of suffering's might.

He wrote, "He knows the way that I take,
When tried, I'll emerge like gold, awake,
My foot held fast to His righteous steps,
His words, my treasure, my soul He keeps."

Wisdom eludes the realm of the living,
In God's mind, its essence is thriving,
He understands its ways, its sacred place,
Guiding us through life's intricate maze.

And remember, dear soul, in depths unseen,
It's never too late to be who you've been,
Hope shines eternal, an unwavering flame,
Embrace your true self, break free from shame.

So, let us grasp these proverbs so wise,
In the darkness, seek truth, let it rise,
For within the depths of our hearts, we find,
The strength to endure, the light of our mind.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the depths of despair, where shadows loom,
A tale of anguish, a solemn gloom,
Through proverbs and wisdom, I shall unfold,
The melancholic journey that needs to be told.

The hands, they toil, in darkness they stay,
But the eyes hold the power to light the way,
To discern the good from the bad, they must see,
For the hands to improve, to set the spirit free.

Yet in this lament, the eyes are clouded,
Blind to the good, in darkness shrouded,
The hands, they labor, but with no clear sight,
Their creations marred, devoid of light.

In the realm of creation, an artist's plight,
Yearning for beauty, searching for light,
But without discernment, the hands cannot soar,
They grasp at darkness, forevermore.

To cultivate the eyes, a journey must begin,
To see beyond the shadows, to find light within,
For without the vision to perceive what's true,
The hands remain shackled, their potential askew.

Oh, the sorrow that befalls the unseeing eyes,
Their blindness prevents the work's true rise,
The hands, they crave guidance, a vision so clear,
To sculpt a masterpiece, banishing fear.

But in this desolate state, they remain confined,
No improvement achieved, no solace to find,
The hands, once skilled, now wither away,
Their potential thwarted, in shadows they stay.

So let us seek wisdom, let us yearn to see,
To cultivate the eyes, set the spirit free,
For in discerning the good from the bad,
The hands shall rise, no longer be sad.

With sharpened sight, the artist shall emerge,
From the depths of darkness, their talent will surge,
And with skilled hands, they'll create art divine,
A testament to their journey, a triumphant sign.

Thus, let us remember, in our darkest hour,
To cultivate the eyes, reclaim their power,
For only then, can the hands surpass,
Creating beauty that forever shall last.
The hands will never surpass the eyes
Unless you cultivate the eyes to discern the good from the bad, you cannot hope to improve the hands that create the work of art. - Jujutsu kaisen
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
In the realm of darkness, where shadows creep,
A riddle of wisdom, secrets I shall keep,
Unveiling truths that lie deep within,
With proverbs and riddles, the journey shall begin.

Behold, the law of the LORD, perfect and pure,
It converts the soul, its essence sure,
A testimony that echoes through time,
Illuminating minds, making simple hearts climb.

From the mouth of the LORD, wisdom's decree,
Knowledge and understanding flow free,
For His words hold the power to impart,
Enlightenment and truth to every seeking heart.

True happiness, a puzzle to unravel,
Beyond riches and wealth, its essence we travel,
Immersed in a feeling where all is right,
A state of mind, where rest takes flight.

Not measured by treasures or possessions amassed,
But by the joy and contentment that shall last,
Fulfillment and satisfaction, deep within,
A sanctuary where tranquility begins.

For in the words of John, a promise so bold,
Peace He leaves, a gift to behold,
Not as the world gives, transient and frail,
But a peace divine, a refuge without fail.

Do not let troubled hearts sow seeds of fear,
Embrace His peace, let it draw near,
In the face of turmoil, let courage prevail,
For His peace shall guard, it will never fail.

In the tapestry of darkness, the light does gleam,
Through riddles and proverbs, a guiding beam,
Seek wisdom, the LORD's law does bestow,
Transforming souls, as the depths they know.

Let the testimony of the LORD find its place,
Making the simple wise, with divine grace,
In the depths of understanding, we shall find,
True happiness, where serenity entwined.

So heed these words, let them seep inside,
In the realm of riddles, let truth abide,
Embrace His peace, in your heart let it reign,
For darkness shall fade, and light shall remain.
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
I have no purpose any more,
Lost in the depths, my spirit sore,
Like a painter who's gone blind,
No canvas for my thoughts to find,
And a singer who's gone deaf,
No melody to give my heart a breath.

In this void, I wander aimlessly,
No light to guide, no solace to see,
There is no call for what I sell,
A hollow existence, a somber spell.

Yet still, I daub colors on a board,
To feel the Linseed Oil, sweet accord,
I grasp at fragments of forgotten days,
Desperate to hold onto the vibrant rays.

I hear the music in my head,
A symphony of longing, unspoken, unsaid,
I mouth the words in silence deep,
Hoping my soul's echoes will find their keep.

There is no surgery or cure,
What's gone is lost, forever obscure,
In this silent darkness, I must strive,
To find a way to live, to survive.

But through the shadows, a glimmer gleams,
A flicker of hope, breaking through the seams,
For even in the darkest night,
Stars emerge, casting their gentle light.

In this abyss, I seek a new start,
To redefine purpose, to mend my heart,
Though sight and sound may be denied,
Within my spirit, resilience abides.

For life's kaleidoscope still unfolds,
With secrets untold, stories yet untold,
In this silent darkness, I'll find my way,
To embrace the beauty of each passing day.

I may be blind, but I'll learn to feel,
The textures of life, wounds that will heal,
And though deaf, I'll learn to listen,
To the whispers of hope, my soul's ignition.

For within me, a strength resides,
A flame that flickers, never subsides,
And though the world may not understand,
I'll rise from ashes, resilient I'll stand.

So, let the colors dance on my board,
The silent symphony be my reward,
In the face of despair, I'll defy,
And find purpose anew, as hope draws nigh.
I believe that credit should be given where it is due, and I want to acknowledge Lori Jones McCaffery for her contribution as the seed that sparked this particular concept. Your poem has played a significant role in shaping the final outcome, and I am grateful for your input, Wishing you continued inspiration and success in all your endeavors.

With gratitude,
Ikimi Clifford Festus.

I have no purpose any more.
I’m a painter who’s gone blind
And a singer who’s gone deaf.
There is no call for what I sell.

I still daub colors on a board
To smell the Linseed Oil again
I hear the music in my head
And mouth the words in silence.

There is no surgery or cure,
What’s gone is lost forever.
And I must find a way to live
In silent darkness, if I can.

Purpose by Lori Jones McCaffery
Ikimi Festus Jun 2023
The memory of kissing a girl in a dark room lingers in my mind like a scene from a captivating movie. It was a moment filled with anticipation, secrecy, and the intoxicating thrill of forbidden romance. As I recall, the room was softly lit by a solitary lamp, casting long shadows on the walls, creating an atmosphere that was both mysterious and enchanting.

We found ourselves in that dimly lit room, seeking solace from the outside world. The hushed whispers and stolen glances between us held an electric charge, as if we were the only two souls in existence. The air was heavy with the scent of anticipation, as our hearts raced in unison, knowing that this encounter was clandestine and time-limited.

Wrapped in the silence of the room, we gradually moved closer, our bodies gravitating towards each other like magnets drawn together by an irresistible force. The gentle touch of her hand sent shivers down my spine, and I could feel the electricity coursing through our connection. It was a moment suspended in time, where every breath, every touch, felt like an eternity.

But alas, our stolen moments were not meant to last. Duty called, and she had to rush back to her house, leaving me yearning for more. We knew that our time together was limited, and the outside world beckoned her back to its responsibilities. It was bittersweet, knowing that we had to part ways and resume our separate lives, she and her family are moving permanently out of the state.

As she hurriedly gathered herself, a mischievous smile played on her lips, as if daring me to follow her into the unknown. I watched her silently, admiring her grace and the light that emanated from her presence. We both understood the unspoken agreement between us – to seize every stolen moment we could, knowing that the world has conspire to keep us apart.

In the dimness of the room, we exchanged one final lingering kiss, a promise of what could be. It was a blend of longing, desire, and the acknowledgment that our time together was a precious gift. With a heavy heart, she tiptoed towards the door, careful not to make a sound as I slept, knowing that stealth and secrecy were our allies.

As Lisser disappeared into the night, I couldn't help but feel a mixture of melancholy and hope. Our connection was undeniable, and the memory of our stolen kiss and romance in my dark room would forever be etched in my mind. We both knew that the world would continue to pull us apart, but the memory of that day would serve as a reminder of the passion we shared and the possibility of a future in another multiverse where we could be together, unencumbered by the constraints of time and responsibilities.

That memory remains as a testament to the resilience of love, the power of stolen moments, and the enduring hope that one day, we may find a way to be together without shadows or secrecy.
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