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 Apr 2020 Oli
shepard david king
red welt

a for real, thickened scar issue, side of face,
no metaphorical poetic imagery, inches long,
no *******, ugly sin, a red welt, a greeting
from when I fainted one too many times

couldn’t locate from where I was bleeding,
saw blood on my knee, where it was pooling,
no idea I was gashed, where the mirror daily
would say, see, evermore, see what you’ve done

to me

this, this, what to call it, so much more than a mark,
it was a keyed residual, a bitterness kiss of go-to-hell,
a sneering wake up call, an every second wish-me-well,
saying schmuck, you can’t go back when once you’ve pressed


some king you are...
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