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нαℓeყ Oct 2014
I'm enthralled with the idea of dying
No more hurting, no more crying

Sorry, but life has no silver lining
Society kills the rising

Suicides not what I'm implying
I'm only saying that I'm done trying....
нαℓeყ Oct 2014
I have so many memories written on my skin
They're my daily reminder of the pain held within
I have so many problems I'm starting to wear thin
So I take a couple pills and wait for the heart ache to dim
I have so many secrets they're hard to hold in
So I let them all out with my blade and some gin
нαℓeყ Sep 2014
I start cutting
I stop eating
I start dying
I stop breathing
нαℓeყ Aug 2014
I'm the waste of space in your life
Loss of time in your day
Lack of air in your lungs
And the negative thought in your brain
нαℓeყ Aug 2014
You don't care now
Wait till I'm dead

You'll all stop laughing
When you see what you did
нαℓeყ Aug 2014
I'm alive
I want to die
I hope you're happy
I hope you cry when I'm gone
I smile all the time
My smile is fake
I have so many friends
I have so many blades
I have a family
They hate me
I don't need help*
I need saving
нαℓeყ Aug 2014
I will never be mourned over
never be missed

I will never be cried over
So I slice my wrist
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