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Every light that shines
Casts the shadows I fear

Every smile I fake
Stained by a thousand tears

Every word I speak
Cold and dead as my eyes

Every night that sets
Darker with each sunrise
Tears burned the back of my eyes, pressure stabbing at my temples I collapsed. Touching my nose to my knees gasping.that feeling I pressed so hard to keep away came slashing through me, pushing its way out my floodgates. I felt the icebergs of my being flush themselves from my body and any solid emotion turned to liquid. Mud swamps through my ribs and runs in my veins. I can't breath. I am drowning in the sorrow that has become me
Is this a dream i live everyday?
To be with you every night,
and watch the sunlight die.
with the beautiful pink sky.

To watch the beautiful sky with you.
Is the only thing i look forward to,
and the only thing i want to do.
I Love You my beautiful sunset,
that's all so true.
I feel like she has no clue I'm even here.
I feel like she see's past me and looks at the one who is near.
I feel as if she wouldn't even give me a chance if i tried.
I feel so low that i could probably die.
In this crazy thing they call a bad crush.

I see the one that i want and try so hard.
I see her go through all the bad stuff its blurred.
I see how she lives her life.
I see how she wont accept me to make her happy.
In this crazy thing they call a bad love

I know she wont like the man i have become.
I know she wont like the stuff i have done.
I know all that she has been through.
I know that no matter what she will go back to the bad guy.
In this crazy thing they call the friend zone.

Although she does not like me in that way.
I know i can always be in her life as a friend.
To be there when she cries, and there when she lies.

I am moving so this will be hard.
I am going to some place better, and not so scarred.
I told her i would always watch her no matter the cost.
As i lied there bleeding under a bus.
That they call death.

— The End —