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Hoping2bhelpfull Mar 2022
The dream
never dies
the dream never dies
it’s in your mind constantly
always reminding you it’s there
“When are you going to accomplish the dream?”
“Quit being a dreamer.”
the dream isn’t simple
the dream is an obsession
it gives you a purpose in life
it’s also your destruction
if you can’t complete the dream
you’ll die
a failure
lonely and broke
everyone will no you were just a dreamer
“I told you so”
you wasted your life.
  Jan 2018 Hoping2bhelpfull
debating whether i am allowed
to go out of the house at 8pm
or not
“because i might get *****”

debating whether i am allowed
to wear that skirt that goes little above my knees
or not
“because i might get *****”

debating whether i am allowed
to meet up with a guy
or not
“because i might get *****”

debating whether i am allowed
to stay at my friends house when they have older brothers
or not
“because i might get *****”

debating whether i am allowed
to go on a school trip
or not
“because i might get *****”

Do you see this?
Do you see the reason they give for a woman to not do certain things?

How can we live in this world
when we have to fear for our lives
almost every moment
Clarity is like hunger-
Once you lose control of it, it comes and goes as it pleases
Raging on and off as a brush fire, without your approval
You chase it, going from hit to hit,
Seeking the brightness in your eyes and the dizziness in your wrists
Like an addict
Time is bored and runs from your command
Consume me, clarity
Take me, hunger

Until eventually, there is only
Breathing and begging

*What is it to live?
Wearing red never felt like a sin
until my cheeks couldn't stop blushing
after my lipstick left a stain on his neck.
he told me afterwards,
you mean nothing to me
I wonder if those words
were supposed to hurt me;
he didn't mean much to me either.
Hoping2bhelpfull Apr 2015
Failed Again
Did I try too hard?
Did I not try hard enough?
Did I want it too badly?
Did I not want it badly enough?
Your words of encouragement drive me crazy
Your criticism is making me lose my mind
Winners get some false congratulations from jealous colleagues
Losers have lots of friends
I don’t know what is better
being alone a winner
  or going insane
while your friends buy you a couple of drinks to cheer you up
You can either vent or tell them all is fine
it doesn't matter
they aren't really listening
In reality you are the one making them feel better
  Apr 2015 Hoping2bhelpfull
what is reality worth
when fiction is more important
how can you wake up a mind
that chooses to be dormant

we choose to stay dry
when outside, it is storming
in the meantime, in the sky
more storm clouds are forming
  Apr 2015 Hoping2bhelpfull
Mike Essig
tapped out,

Once again
I have
no money.

Once more,
I don't care.

Too bad
my stomach
and creditors

Oh well,
let them wait.

like women
or luck,
shows up
in its own
good time.

my thin
little wallet.

You will
be fed again

chew on
a bit of faith.
- mce
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