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To the one that disturbs my peace,
the angel of my thoughts,
your smile a constant reminder,
of our brief infidelity,
it was enough to fall in love,
it pulled me back,
after I hurt you,
I came back,
After he killed you,
I'll save you,
if you let me,
I warn you,
of nothing at all,
I hope,
you are ok,
I'll wait,
I know you love me too,
I wonder what you see,
I am not him,
or them,
or us,
or me,
I will show you my truths,
that's what my love is.
I came back to you like I always do, my love.
They all hate me,
                                     fear of the unknown,
She'll hate me,
She hates me,
She'll leave me,
                             ,         ask
She doesn't need me,
                                        You need her,
They don't need me,
                                       make them need you,
I should go,


I thought they loved me,
I think she loves me,
                                            think back,
I thought she loved me,
She said she'll never leave me,
­I need her,
                                             SHE DOESN'T NEED YOU
they WANTED me,
                                                             ­     NOT ANYMORE
You said I should stay,
                                                           ­                  We were wrong

You should go,
                                        FOR OUR SAKE.
Conversations with myself. The ones that make me hope. The ones that make me want to die.

— The End —