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Unknown Girl Jun 2021
Take one pill in the morning accompanied by this one it will help
with the pain but beware of the numbing feeling it can fill you
it can take you away so are you sure you want this
or do you want to feel the pain.
Unknown Girl May 2021
It started with him, he constantly said I was doing something wrong
So every time he did I would say ¨I´m sorry¨
I would say it so much it became a habit that was hard to shake
For every little thing I would say I´m sorry
even if there was nothing to be sorry for
It became the thing that was spoke the most
he had me feeling so small so sorry for him that thats all my voice knows
So when it comes time I will say my sorrys to all
Unknown Girl May 2021
I was broken since I can remember
A broken doll for the world to view
The way they stare at me for the cracks
The make a face and whisper about the ugliness
How they feel it is abnormal
That a broken doll is unnatural with the pretty ones
Unknown Girl May 2021
A letter to my past self we could have done so much good.
We could have sat silently and smiled politely but no.
We turned to smoking *** in the bathroom with our ¨friends¨.
Like I said we could have done so much good but we didn't like that.
We liked the thrill from rebelling in some way no one would ever think of.
We also wanted to dye our hair and pierce our face while wanting to be alone.
We laid lazealy on the couch pretending to be as innocent as a baby.
We listened to heavy metal in the dark to feel less angry with ourselves.
We cried and lied to everyone around told them that we where fine.
A letter to my past self we can learn to get better and heal with everyday.
Unknown Girl Apr 2021
you held my hand in the dark
then you tore me apart
leaving something new
leaving an opening for you
covered my mouth said not to scream
then I saw you weren't what you seemed to be
a monster hiding in the dark
broke my faith in humanity
now I never trust in the start
and to think you ever stole my heart
Unknown Girl Apr 2021
Your words the burn into me like fire burns into wood
Your hate is is planted in my memories like a seed in the ground
Your unholy ways are forced upon me like a wave on the sand
Your as faithful to making me feel like nothing as the people who go to church
You are as cold the arctic and as empty as my dreams
You are what I never wish to be
Unknown Girl Apr 2021
The dreams I hold close to me are dreams wild and free.
They are dreams of me and you sitting on the sand talking slow as you hold my hand. The dreams when we are having fun we wear matching sunglasses and dance in the sun.  The dreams of just you and me I need you most please set me free.
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