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My Dear Poet
M/Bottom of the Jar    It’s late I must sleep but my soul speaks “Just one more rhyme” and so I rest now because of this line
Sins of a dreamer
16/M/Virginia    I write poems when I'm sad or bored, usually both.
Ace Malarky
19/M/Minnesota    A creator, a weaver of words. Thank you for reading my poetry.
21/F/AK    "write hard and clear about what hurts" -E.H
Imran Islam
28/M/🍁✓Lure Pot ✓🍁    MY BooKs []
16/F/cincy    too little, too late
Georgi Naydenov
Harley Hucof
Lebanon    Instagram @thesoundofeli @harleyhucof
17/F/la    you feel like home
a sorted writer of sorts

— The End —