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Regina Ramble May 2016
When I was a young teenager
I never knew of love
It seemed a foreign subject
One I could not connect
With the things I was
taught inside textbooks
and fiction books.
So I tried to study love
study it like it was science
calculate it like it was maths
When I finally grew up
Love was different
It sang different songs
And I could not study it
the way I thought I could
So I decided to let myself
feel it.

That was when I realised
I have been loved
and learning to love
my whole life.
  Apr 2016 Regina Ramble
Smudged Ink
want to know something?
I loved you
and I told you I loved you
but now im not sure
sure if I would recognize yor face
sure if you would recognize me
im not the same person anymore
and I doubt that you are
  Mar 2016 Regina Ramble
Star Gazer
She's a very honest soul,
A brave soul without care.
She will tell you of her day
so listen to the words
she speaks.
She will hide things,
But she will tell you
When you feel like
She won't ever force
You to say anything
Or ever force you
To do anything
For her.
She's beautiful,
Smart, creative
and definitely
She's able to bring up
any topic to talk about
so awkward silences
are non existent with her.
When you look into her eyes
If you haven't fallen in love
You definitely will.
There's a shine that
is indescribable.
The moon light can't compare
To the shine that glimmers
in her eyes.
If you can make her look
at you with that shine,
consider yourself a lucky man.
You will never find an angel
Who will be able to care
While at the same time
Make you laugh without a care.
Cherish her every second
Cherish her every moment
Because you have won the lottery,
Love her with all your heart
and make her happy.
If I could pick someone to be
With right this moment,
I would pick her.
So you should realise
Just how lucky you are.
You definitely do not
want to lose her.
Watch as the sun rises and sets
And you'll realise,
Her beauty is way beyond
Any of that.
Make her happy for me,
I just want you to make
her smile.
                 Love her
Like I never had
                 The chance
  Mar 2016 Regina Ramble
Star Gazer
She's different than other girls
She doesn't care for looks
She will tell you to enjoy yourself
So if she wants a slice of cake
You better get it for her.
She's brave,
She's not a quitter
Even when the world tumbles
She'll still stand like a tower.
She sometimes doesn't talk
It is in these times of silence
That you really must just
Be silent with her.
Sit across from her or next to her
And tell her that if she wants to talk
You will be there for her.
She's beautiful and rarely knows it
She doesn't shy away from confrontation
So make sure not to anger her too much
A little playful anger isn't harmful.
If she loves you
Consider yourself the luckiest guy ever
Trust me
You'll know when you see her smiles
It's magical.
I don't mean be there for her smiles only
Be there for her tears too
For her sad moods
For her angry moods
But trust one thing I will tell you
It doesn't last forever.

She's smart, I must warn you
But the great thing about her
You don't have to be smart
You don't have to pretend to be mature
You don't have to quit doing things you love
If she talks about higgs boson and you're talking about rappers
She will show immense interest even when she has no idea what you're saying.
Trust me,
She's a gift to this world.
Cherish her,
Make as many memorable moments with her
Make memories that I never got a chance to make
Most importantly make her happy.
You are lucky to be with such an amazing person.
Make her happy for me.
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
'I didn't want to hurt your feelings'**

No you didn't hurt my feelings
You hurt something more
You hurt my heart
Smashed it into pieces
You hurt my being
Executed it swiftly.

So it's true,
You didn't hurt my feelings
You just hurt my will to live
And you know what
The stupid thing is?
I'll give you my heart
All over again
In an instant.
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
I know you don't love me anymore
I am unsure whether you did before
I just want you to finally be happy
And live life filled with complete glee.

I know love is a truly complex notion
One filled with deep heartfelt emotions
You can't force love, if you do as a result
It eventually has ways to suddenly halt.

I am so glad that you found someone
I know you're feeling like you've won
But I wonder if you ever missed me
I do understand that it wasn't meant to be.

I still wonder if I recur in your memories
Or have I faded into the blue seas
Do I ever suddenly reemerge from words
Or in some of the songs you have heard.

You probably don't, but I sometimes do
I sometimes stop and think about you
I'm unsure of why I still relapse
But it felt like my heart is in traps.

I do appreciate everything you've given me
No matter how short that came to be
It felt amazing and magical the same
And I promise my heart, I will tame.

...I bid you goodbye...
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
When you left, my friends told me to walk it off
Stretch and the loose pieces will vanish
As though a heartbreak could be walked off
I tried hiding tears behind silent coughs
I tied my arms and legs in knots
Just so I couldn’t message or get to you.
I might have tied too hard as skin turns to blue
from the bruise of falling over too hard.
Maybe I can’t walk this off,
Trod along the paths of bars and clubs
And saw the sadness in broken shrubs
Because that’s how I felt when you left.

“Walk it off” they said,
As though densed in their heads
they’ve never experienced this before.
How do you walk off something in your core?
It’s not a kick to the ***** or a punch
I get lost at the memories of lunch,
I had slammed my fingers between car doors
Just so the pain kept me occupied
Saw how birds were able to fly
But never once saw of the beauty
But of how you flew away.

When the sky fell to the troughs
The moon gave of light then rot.
How can i walk this off?
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