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There has been rain clouds
these past few days,
I've been allowed
to love for a long time,
Maybe i should drown
the problems alone,
maybe it's enough,
I have loved enough.
You clouded my trust
And now I know
that I have loved enough.

I hope you find all that you're looking for.
Constricted, tied down to a thought
Of how we’re living the labels given
to us and there are billions of fishes
in the sea but yet everyone is caught
in a net.

We’ve told plus sized people that they
can’t wear skinny jeans, because it’s
not labelled for them. We’ve held
obesity at gunpoint in the light of day
as though they can only be loved at night.

We’ve forced shackles on men and women
to tie them not by the threads of their heart
but by the words of a constitution that darkens
the glimmer of light within love that is kept hidden.
When did the law and love intertwine to form handcuffs?

We cast our shadows on issues of racism;
fought out wars with prejudice and hatred,
only to be blinded by tainted teachings of
a generation lost in separation and division.
We fought colour on colour, “for society”.

Look around, seven point four billion people
all alive, tied down to the judgements of society;
an overbearing handcuff that controls our hearts
and our soul, a journey of an already prewritten sequel.
Look around, you and me, are we really free?
I stay up at night, late into the AMs riddled with guilt
Over how I grew too fond of one petal plucked flower
Watched it slowly rotted,decaying praying not to wilt
As I admired what once were stems in a indelible vase.

I hear of the ambience, lit up in a different hazy smoke,
Forced to let what I feel cascade into obvious oblivion,
Keeping clear calmness behind a messed mask that chokes
As the days drew long and the nights drew even longer.

Sunrise doesn't rise soon enough, and sunset sets too soon,
For fiery shadows built a furnace from my cold walls,
And before I could awake to the moon, I awoke to noon,
As you held every bit of a different burning candle light.

I'm sorry that I paved the pebbled pathway that you walked,
If I could reverse the sands, unsift across my hands,
Or captured every droplet of grain, wishing it wasn't caulked,
But I made the road that you tread on with you feet.

I'm sorry that every step you took only led you further,
And though I know you didn't want to be near after time taken,
I had hoped I could watch you stay afloat on a life preserver,
Rather than watch you drown, taking nothing but yourself.

I'm sorry that the days drawn out a different tale,
If I could bend time and stick it back together,
Just to make things better and watch as things unflail,
I'll always know I tried my best to give you my shoulders.

I set fire to your life, watched the smouldering ashes cast away into the air,
And for that I am sorry.
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