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Regina Ramble Jun 2016
I saw the monster inside his eyes
I tried to shout my outcries
but his hands covered my mouth.

Tears running down my face
as I laid there in disgust
with each and every single ******.

I remember the days following
as I stood in the shower
scrubbed my skin to scabs
hoping that I could bleed every
part of him out of me.

I wanted to go to the police
But who would even believe me
I let my voice become silenced
And what once sparkled like diamonds
Sparkled no more.

It does not change a day,
It changes a ******* life.
May 2016 · 278
Regina Ramble May 2016
The worst goodbyes
Aren't the one that
Are said out of hate
Or anger,
The worst goodbyes
Are the one that
starts with hey
and leads to an
ultimate fade away.

The worst goodbyes
are when there
exists so much
left to say.
Sorry little rose. Sorry Lorie.
Some goodbyes are better left unsaid
I guess there comes to a time
To finally stop playing along
as being strong.
May 2016 · 182
Regina Ramble May 2016
The moon sang me tunes
its warm and soft hands grab me
soothing me to sleep
May 2016 · 182
Regina Ramble May 2016
Sunset over dark waters
the dings of metal quarters
sounds of splash and the whip
of water touching upon a lip.
Water was everywhere
from here, to over there,
for drinking, swimming and fun
or even to aid the burning sun.
However not all get the privilege
of water nor proper sewerage
so weep not for fun lost
but weep for the cost
for some, fun was never had.
May 2016 · 138
Young Teenager
Regina Ramble May 2016
When I was a young teenager
I never knew of love
It seemed a foreign subject
One I could not connect
With the things I was
taught inside textbooks
and fiction books.
So I tried to study love
study it like it was science
calculate it like it was maths
When I finally grew up
Love was different
It sang different songs
And I could not study it
the way I thought I could
So I decided to let myself
feel it.

That was when I realised
I have been loved
and learning to love
my whole life.
Mar 2016 · 237
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
'I didn't want to hurt your feelings'**

No you didn't hurt my feelings
You hurt something more
You hurt my heart
Smashed it into pieces
You hurt my being
Executed it swiftly.

So it's true,
You didn't hurt my feelings
You just hurt my will to live
And you know what
The stupid thing is?
I'll give you my heart
All over again
In an instant.
Mar 2016 · 246
Can't Force Love
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
I know you don't love me anymore
I am unsure whether you did before
I just want you to finally be happy
And live life filled with complete glee.

I know love is a truly complex notion
One filled with deep heartfelt emotions
You can't force love, if you do as a result
It eventually has ways to suddenly halt.

I am so glad that you found someone
I know you're feeling like you've won
But I wonder if you ever missed me
I do understand that it wasn't meant to be.

I still wonder if I recur in your memories
Or have I faded into the blue seas
Do I ever suddenly reemerge from words
Or in some of the songs you have heard.

You probably don't, but I sometimes do
I sometimes stop and think about you
I'm unsure of why I still relapse
But it felt like my heart is in traps.

I do appreciate everything you've given me
No matter how short that came to be
It felt amazing and magical the same
And I promise my heart, I will tame.

...I bid you goodbye...
Mar 2016 · 179
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
When you left, my friends told me to walk it off
Stretch and the loose pieces will vanish
As though a heartbreak could be walked off
I tried hiding tears behind silent coughs
I tied my arms and legs in knots
Just so I couldn’t message or get to you.
I might have tied too hard as skin turns to blue
from the bruise of falling over too hard.
Maybe I can’t walk this off,
Trod along the paths of bars and clubs
And saw the sadness in broken shrubs
Because that’s how I felt when you left.

“Walk it off” they said,
As though densed in their heads
they’ve never experienced this before.
How do you walk off something in your core?
It’s not a kick to the ***** or a punch
I get lost at the memories of lunch,
I had slammed my fingers between car doors
Just so the pain kept me occupied
Saw how birds were able to fly
But never once saw of the beauty
But of how you flew away.

When the sky fell to the troughs
The moon gave of light then rot.
How can i walk this off?
Mar 2016 · 339
Sticks and stones
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt.
Etched across my brittle heart
Is a grotesque mark,
It reads “it’s over”.
Mar 2016 · 218
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
You are a poet
Expressing your mind and feelings
Shattered the broken glass ceiling
That told you what to do
You never believed in gender roles
And when the world realises
You will have seen your goal.

You articulated your thoughts on paper
With simple messages
Through open passages
I can remember one thing you told me
your messages one by one began to sink
into my thick skull.
Everything you were and everything you are
kept my heart beating
and all the roses you built on solid soil
left me feeling different about myself.
As though I oozed of beauty
you’d call me cutie
dreamt of an inner beauty
rather than an external one
That is why i love you.
Your messages still relay in my head
“don’t let anyone ******* change you”
and my crumbling world reformed.
So as my mind riddled with insult thorns
you saw me as anything but ugly.
maybe that's why i can’t forget you
or maybe the world just can’t forget you
maybe we were never meant to be
but I know one thing is for sure
we don’t have to be , for me to love you.
Mar 2016 · 187
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
You collected the debris of my world
As my fingers sat and twirled
Watching rocks after rocks being hurled
I watched you rebuild my world.

You picked up every unturned stone
Formed peace in my battle zone
Kept notes and pitches all to tone
And never once left me alone.

Till now…
As stage is set and you bow
You left me alone to scoure

I guess my world was rebuilt
And you had to form new guilts
Laying bricks after bricks which tilt
And roses planted that all wilt…

When you left me alone…
But it was in this loneliness
That I found what you’ve shown
Love can even be found in mess…

You’re tired of the endeavour
yet I love you now and forever…
Mar 2016 · 152
That Instant...
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
The instant you left I knew that I was awaiting death
Heaving in and out over when to expect my last breath
Salty droplets discharged my eyes that became inept
Not knowing when to or even what to accept.

I grew up a childish character creating a lists of wishes
Some deceased from existence and swam with fishes
Between a happy christmas and an attainment of riches
I put you first on that list, and was never suspicious.

I knew I wished for you, not to be mine or to hold,
But to have one cherish the heart behind the arm fold,
A gem that shined love and care and never once was cold,
I wished for you to be happy in a way that is uncontrolled.

I remember talking to you of jennifer lawrence and stars
As though I would pick them over who you personally are
I fed you lies against lies as I sulked out tears in my car
When I knew, no one I would rather be with than you by far.

While the world are small stars you are the beaming sun
You showered everyone with heat while you beared none
You kept your head up through all the times you said “I’m done”
And burned deeply of energy that only ever came from the sun.

The instant you left, I knew it had been for better things
Because there was only so much to the table I could bring
But you were never greedy for wealth, riches or blings
You found happiness from someone else that made you sing.

I guess my wish came true, to see you happy
A tree that formed from  fertilizer so ******
A fertilizer that was nothing but simply me
You found true happiness with he.

Yet I will retain my words I have spoken many times
The one I can only ever express in subdued rhymes.

My love for you is indestructible and will never sever
For as I have said before “I love you now and forever”.
Mar 2016 · 183
Last Love
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
I have a million words to describe the stars
Yet not one single word of what you are
Because my vocabulary hasn’t found the word
In my vocabulary no word borders beautiful and amazing
So there is no word I can describe you, except “heart-racing”.
Maybe there is, or maybe there isn’t, I just don’t know yet,
But if I were to assume or think of a single word, my best bet
is perfect.

You are perfect,
The way your brown hair shines in the moonlight
Constant thought of you keeps me up at night,
And during my dark tunnel you are the light,
Everything you do and everything you are is perfect
It’s all I know.

I thought, maybe if I held on long enough,
We’d eventually rear our heads and return to love
But I don’t know if I’m to tired of holding on
Or that spark you had for me has been long gone.
I still love you and think about you non stop
and when you speak of your boyfriend,
a part of my heart just drops.
I know I want you to be happy,
So I’m keeping my thoughts and feelings,
All from your eyes.
You deserve the world,
And i am sorry I couldn’t give it to you.
I know one thing is,
I want you to be happy,
To be everything you wanted,
And even if I don’t get to see you,
See the you that you become,
I want you to know I will be thinking about you
from afar.
I will always love you, you beautiful angel.
I told you “I love you now and forever”,
that hasn't changed nor will it ever.
I just know that all that’s left is,
you found your happiness and I am happy for you,
so even if you are kissing the lips of someone else,
there's a good tingle in my heart,
because you are happy.
and that’s all i ever needed.

Whatever it is, all I know is,
You hold a special place in my heart.
You are remarkable,
beyond stars
beyond angelic
beyond perfect

and yet I still can’t think of the exact word,
Because there’s just no word yet
you are you
and i love you
Mar 2016 · 235
I Left My Heart
Regina Ramble Mar 2016
I left my heart at home
But home was with you
Where pillows were foam
And the skies were blue

I left my heart in your care
In the palm of your hands
Where it caressed your hair
As it contracts and expands

I left my heart all for you
With your plentiful dreams
Where happiness ensues
Following planned seams.

I left my heart as a flower
So that its scent enchanted
And it grew every single hour
Alongside the love you planted.

I left my heart for you
Exclusive is all its known
For it only ever beats for you
But apart we have grown…

I left my heart all for you
Because I will always love you

I love you now and forever.
Feb 2016 · 233
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
A man looks over at a chicken and says
Another man nearby brings him a pair of shoes assuming it was his request.
Another chicken comes,
                and he says it again
'shoo',  so the man nearby brings him another pair of shoes.
                           A cat comes nearby,
He expresses the same thing 'SHOO',
                                  The man brings him a third pair of shoes.

The cat starts hissing and starts scratching at his leg,
                         and the other man fulfil his request.
Feb 2016 · 227
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I fell in love with someone who made false promises like they were eating cereal....

It almost killed me.

I guess that person will forever be named cereal killer...

Yet they are like a water cloud in the morning,
I mist them....
I mist them so bad..
What the heck is wrong with me....
Feb 2016 · 186
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I was involved with a girl,
After some relationship complications....

She says
"Hey we need to break up".

I look her with stone solid eyes
"I was EXpecting that".

With a giggle and a sniffs,
"Better than inspecting".

The guy pushed her down the stairs and stared into her lifeless soul. (Were you EXpecting this?)
Feb 2016 · 192
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I was in a dark room,
The light switch is on,
I'm still in a dark room.....

****, they forgot the heavy switch.....
Feb 2016 · 177
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
They say love your mind for it will always haunt or help you.

They say love your heart for it lets you see beauty and keeps you alive.

They say love your soul for it makes you, you.

I say love your bed because that ******* been with you and takes your **** without complaining.
Feb 2016 · 240
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
Once upon a time lived a soul,
Who was vividly whole.
Upon intoxication,
He started mastur......mastering his tongues,
And started to sing.
At first it was to get some **.....hopeful woman,
To stand by his side....
Feb 2016 · 482
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I went searching,
For the right line,
The wrong line,
Till I stumbled onto,
A pickup line.

The pickup line promised,
That girls would fall into my arm,
As though I was filled with charm,
And I could get anyone in my palms,
So i unsealed the scroll,
Set in stone,
I read it alone,
In hopes that no one else knows,
The secret to getting any girls,....
it read,

"Sorry buddy , no pickup line is that good, maybe a pickup line for a pickup truck is more your style".
Feb 2016 · 208
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
A man sitting at a restaurant has leftover food,
The waitress comes by and asks,
' do you want a box for that?',
The man responds,
'No but I would wrestle you for it'.
Feb 2016 · 235
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
An idiotic boy told an angel,
'I love you',
The angel said,
'I do too',
Idiotic boy tells the angel,
'I do three',
The angel says,
'I do four',
Idiotic boy says,
'I do do'....

Silent ensues,
Idiotic boy says,
'****', to break the tension.
The angel looks at him with sullen eyes,
'Shhhhh don't talk', says the angel,
Idiotic boy responds,
Feb 2016 · 567
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
In a jungle, A frog started fighting with a rabbit because the rabbit was mad the frog didn't stop calling his name.

"LETS FIGHT " the rabbit says,
"Ribbit" , says the frog...
Feb 2016 · 289
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
What do you call a cat without nine lives?

What do you call a clown with a blue nose?
A clown thats been sleeping with someones wife.

What do you sell to an eskimo?
Definitely not an esky or mo ice.
Feb 2016 · 317
About A Boy
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
Once upon a time
A boy ate a great big steak
He choked and then died.

That was the biggest
Miss steak he has ever made
Such a tragic end.

Silver lining though,
At least his soda was free,
Those are expensive.
Feb 2016 · 208
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I've escaped the surly bond of mankind.
No cares, no worries but also no friends.
Feb 2016 · 373
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I once met a suit salesperson on the street. He approached me and said "My hands craft magic, do you want to buy a suit?"

I asked, "how much for it? And size?"

He replied, " one grand. And don't worry it contains magical elements, the size doesn't matter".

I gave him the money and he asks me "you ready?"

I nodded my head to indicate yes.

He handed me a deck of cards and said "you now have a full suit".

Worst one grand I have ever spent ever.
Feb 2016 · 253
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I went to the farm usually i don't need any preparations before a run but this time ostrich before i ran.
Feb 2016 · 289
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
Rebuilding My Heart
As I let out a ****.
Oh how relaxin,
Like my bowels.



OH ****.

**** ****.......

Feb 2016 · 225
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
Love is about ***
*** is about ******.
Thats why it's called a relationship.
Feb 2016 · 350
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
A duck scientist tells his underlings,
'there's a quack in the time space continuim'.
Feb 2016 · 317
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
Feb 2016 · 235
Who I Am
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I am not a poet,
I don't paint pain into pictures,
I don't use syllabic rhymes,
I don't follow scriptures.

I am however,
A man who has had,
Enough of life,
And that is why,
I try to be funny.

Funny isn't a defence mechanism,
It is a part of heroism.

You're probably reading this like orange sticks,
And saying I couldn't carrot all.
Feb 2016 · 338
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
Do you know why we call dinosaurs, dinosaurs?

Because when the meteor hit, they were definitely sore and since we didn't have a word for great explosion, we used dino.....

Feb 2016 · 350
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
I went to a circus once.
The clown told me his red nose,
Was in fact just a hollowed out red ball.

So in one performance,
He asked me up to be his guest,
He said 'Grab the red nose'...

Amidst the panic,
and severe stage fright.

I grabbed his crotch.

Now I always wonder,
How many clowns can I fit in my hand,
I mean my car.....
Regina Ramble Feb 2016
One potato, two potato...
One potato, two potato
Oh boy this blows,
No fine dining dish,

Just potato AND potato.

— The End —