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 Apr 2016 Hannah A
sanch kay
when i was young,
i only lived
between the pages of a book
between the words of a sentence
between Privet Drive and Baker Street
between bookstores and libraries
where I did not have to speak
to make friends;
where I made friends
who would not leave,
where I could leave
and return to see
that nothing had changed;
nothing, except me,
but only a little.

now that i’m older
i’ve been twice
to the other side and back;
i think i’d also like to live
between time zones and skylines
between silken sheets on starry nights
between your fingers and your eyes,
where conversations are passports
to other worlds in
in other hearts beating
in other bodies;

if only for just a little.
for #napowrimo. to you, from me.
 Apr 2016 Hannah A
Terrence Reyes
Who needs a god when all I want to do is feel gritty.
I don't need someone who is giving me false warmth.
They make us feel defrauded and feel pity.
Conquer each day with my own dedication, I shall henceforth.
This world is addicted to being scared.
I'll show you all, that you don't need to feel despaired.

— The End —