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handsinspace Apr 2017
tossed in waves
looking to the promontory

It says:
read swells
keep your sight
find harmony in the stir
understand how and when to climb
for this is an abrupt hardness
to fall broken

nearer hope
is a mercy
a trough
to reveal clear footing
and hands still strong
shake in lifting

regain sight upon upon the high ledge
the froth below and turmoil ebb
my heart
still beating
  Dec 2016 handsinspace
My love
My life
Blissful truths sustain me
Our time is just beginning
Tests and trials abound
tearing flesh open over scars
It changes nothing
My love for you grows
with each passing second
My heart is overjoyed in tactile memories
The smell of your skin soothes me
The sound of your laughter begs a smile
Your pewter eyes shimmer in love's reflection
The essence of you resides in me
as the truth of who I am resides in you
Unmasked and laid bare
I am at your feet
offering you all that I am
For it has always been yours
And you have always been mine
Our eternity is united, entwined
Through the flames that burn away
a world we were never meant to fight through,
we will emerge a sphere of light
a cosmic bubble of peace
Love seems too small of a word
though it is all there is
We.. are
We are love
We are truth
We are both reality and the dream
We cure the disease of distance
with a spirit that defines us
Meet me through the miles
where this plane cannot reach us
where time is eternal
And the blissful truth of us
remains pure
Untainted by an unkind world
which is nothing
But tomorrow's past
To the Him who loves Her
Eternally my soul is in your charge

Always and Forever
  Oct 2016 handsinspace
Fearless dreaming has brought me here
The warmth of spent flesh
asleep in the tides of a fickle moon
a cool breeze in a windowless room
I pull back the sheet slowly
and watch as tiny bumps form in the chill

Peaches and cream perfection
Dare I touch
Dare I risk awakening
The warmth reaches me before I reach the truth
Hesitation and a slow exhale

I have dreamed this dream before
The dream where there is no time, no rules, no distance
I have dreamed of joy and love
I have dreamed this very dream
and as I touch you... I cry

In those moments lost in the union
of love and passion
right and wrong are a blur
on the edges of souls bound in time
I touch you and
for a moment
you are my truth, my reality, my dream, my life
Gone in the gasp of a waking sun

Dare I risk losing you once more
My heart breaks anew as the new day dawns
But how do I yearn and not sate
Yes, I touch
I love so that I may live in that moment a lifetime

The warmth of your skin greets mine
as you turn to me in your slumber
embracing all I could hope to be
Your comfort with me melts doubt
And I pray that the sun never shines
I pray that this moment is my ever after
That you and I are where we once were
where we should always be

I open my eyes at daybreak
and still feel the warmth of you
I bask before the tears come
I love you more with each moment of perfect slumber
I dream
That you will keep me with you
so I shall ne'er again wake
to a world where you no longer reside
  Oct 2016 handsinspace
She glistens in shades of rose wine
Warmth melting inhibitions
Flesh begging to be devoured
A hint of its sweetness
beckons as it lingers on still air
Molten steel
Heat rises
A gentle touch
Electricity liquefies
There, in the light
transformed by a glance
that holds a promise of passion
Aquiescence in liquid candy
She is consumed
He is ravenous
yearning to be sated
Yet, feeding the very hunger
that drives him
straight through her soul
  Sep 2016 handsinspace
I promise to love you through it all.
Through all the pain and distance
Through the emptiness and fear
Through the nothing that feels like everything
And through the everything that feels like love
I will love you
  Sep 2016 handsinspace
I do not believe in
Love at first sight,
I know I have
Seen you before,
And I do not just
Mean in my dreams.
I do not believe in
Love at first sight,
I know I have
Loved you before,
Maybe in some
Long lost past life.

I know I have
Kissed your lips before
And got lost in
The light in your eyes.
I know we have
Danced on a thousand floors
Hopping, skipping, stumbling,
Again and again into each other's lives.

I do not believe in
Love at first sight,
I saw you first
Millennia ago.
I do not believe in
Love at first sight,
I've loved you more times
Than the world can ever know.
For My Muse
  Jul 2016 handsinspace
I wander aimlessly through this world without you
As I have countless times before
Ever feeling unwhole
Once we happened upon each other
Bound by distance
What was once empty
Is now a void able to be filled
Only by you
I am able to be loved by you alone
Loving what has always been mine
Still, forced to wander aimlessly through this world without you
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