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Choke down every thought you thought you'd like to speak to me

I can't hear  anything you'd say to me
Explain to me,

How you be the way you are
and think such thoughts so thoughtlessly.
How you want me to accept
what you express so thoughtfully.
But I see not your sentiment
in these things you send to me.
I'm feeling like a renter
in your heart like you rent it to me.

Once a day,
you say so hey,
i think your pretty and shine

Once a week
i'll catch a wink
but cold is the rest of the time.
Swallow hard just convey your cowardice

I'm quick to let him enter.....

Down here where the concretes cool

My arms around you

then your gone........

It snowed sand the other night

i was shocked and awed  

but then i looked up and it got it my eye

Scratched my retina

snow blind

Your brightness wasn't beauty after

your brightness was beauty in the end

i should have seen your glory was a *******

hole in the back of your head

your brightness wasn't  beauty

it was arrogance.
Give me more she said my lord
Oh give me more I'm such a *****.
Give me more She said my lord
Oh give me more hes such a bore.

Flowers don't grow with an ice witch narcissism.
Tell me did it hurt when you got your circumcision?

Assassin heart sharp shooting harlot
Tear every part your letters scarlet.

Don't trust me, I can't see
The lie was blind and I live by instinct

with every fruit i take a leaf
then its gone and then I leave.

Blows to know the dangers of the cold
but it goes to show your true colors when your old.......
This is a song i wrote out of frustration with infidelity and people i am close with dealing with it.

        new born

                         like the first.

My root is ****** from all the time i spent remembering
all the struggles i spent struggling.

When God winked i thought he wanted me
But then he gestured towards my mother.

How fruedian of me to discover

I was the child and never the lover.
Savage little honey drop
crystallized like sugar
sweetness from my ovaries
has turned everything bitter.

Quaking ***** which begged to burst
a fruit that's so obscene

wailing with its own discomfort
discredited its being.

How i wanted you to be inside of all of me

How i wanted you to be in me so selfishly.

I would have held your love and blood

Boiled it to the brink

of self implosion or selfless explosion

or something so pristine.
Weary becomes my heart
in the lessening of sweetness
just to look into your eyes
I hide my own neediness

In such a disguise
you break all of the rules
you believe my pride and fallacy
you believe in fools.

those who say they need not love
those who say they're strong
those who hold it all together
but break before to long.
Poppy sways on the edge of the garden
like some exquisite ***** dancing for her own pleasure
rather than crumbs.
She's full fed of her toxins, intoxicated
She drears  left then right, bows a bit....
The curves are stem so peculiar.
How she slipped perfect hooks and turns
into that no wood, indiscriminate thing
bending, looking so supple.
but it would snap in fragility.

Oh poppy, I sigh, chin resting on my palm....
thinking of the warm feeling of harvest.
Herbs and flowers are my favorite
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