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Gilang Perdana Jan 2018
what if
you have to disgorge
all this frigid?
--- do not left me!

the bonfire
on your *****
see one's way
to ignite
our solitude
--- pulp
your own jitter!

before sorrow
come after
to the verge
of your slumber

your will-o'-the-wisp
rebound from nothingness

so let it winkers
to my wrinkle

to become the words
: valiant and resilient

as brave as my question
Gilang Perdana Sep 2017
who needs to learn
to wrap the tides
while the fisherman
cast the net of fire
from the darkest seabed
locked the doors of events
to keep an ancient calendar
still glowing on it's eyes
but within the time
the firts cry came
the lips of the ocean
became reluctant to return
for us to be afraid
to saw the wraith

of the fish
Gilang Perdana Sep 2017
I am: fragments and metaphors
surrender, in a poem you forgot to write
until your memory becomes tear-filled
a broken morning maze of the window

but this disregard will remind you
until my name become a mirror
reflecting our bare past, before
you wear that wedding dress

is life a reflection? yes:
shadows of the dreaded days
like a scar on your face
sliced by your own silence
Gilang Perdana Aug 2017
after its legs got subdued
for the ages of the sun
so stopped a wonder
at a roughly odd

            in which corner
            on the doorless temple
            the first step will begin?

            in which steps
            an arrows hit the rain stream
            so the count be unimportant?

the numeral explode at the sky of your eyes
it's pieces of fragments got scattered
insert in between the niches of
the womb of a language

but none of us can't
utter an intact word
Gilang Perdana Aug 2017
why should blow your own age? —
until the question was smoke, there's
something remains unanswered
: "Happy Birthday!"
Gilang Perdana Aug 2017
those gone years be smokes
since your name is a candle
then be burned: your

the air bear the bubbles of fate
an expanding times
will explode like a balloon

but I'm a clown at your party
folded up our memories, into
a globular on my stomach
— stab it at your will!
Gilang Perdana Aug 2017
I want to believe
even though the flame is hot:
that yesterday
and the previous days
are still melted wax
that hasn't been burned-out

"may happiness go with you, and be happy."

hey, listen to the candle!
they sing along too, but

did you not ask, why
they've change the lyrics?

soon, both of us will know
who'll die at the end of that song
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