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neo May 2015
they say i have stars in my eyes and theyre right
bury me in stardust and set me out to sea
there are thousands of galaxies under my skin
tell me that ill be okay
if home is where the heart is i might never find my heart, its floating somewhere far beyond my reach
rip out my veins and replace them with wires, i want to make use of the hole in my chest
space! space! space!
i will never truly be calm
the tower to heaven never worked out; i hope for better luck when i start the tower to my home
am i being punished?
how long until my wings are healed? promise that youll watch over me
promise youll show me the way home
"youre glowing" you say
the stars always shine brightest for you
when stars die they explode into bright, firey light
and i think, what a way to go
this is mainly about pearl but also me since i. am pearl
neo Apr 2015
The world is in full color, the sky still sporting tones of pink as it grows dark
every word spoken is like a tiny love note to me, i wonder if im too sentimental
ive got galaxies in my heart and im afraid of all the stars burning out too fast (talk about heartburn,,,,,,, hah)
maybe one day we'll all go to space together
what do diamonds shine like on the surface of the moon?  
11 pm, watching the cars go by
ive never been a fan of light pink until i realized it felt like home
love feels like pastel colors, like the comforting presence of the moon in the night sky, the calm quietness of underwater
is it possible to die from cheesiness?
im worried i might start throwing up glitter (even though that would look pretty cool)
everything feels lighter and softer than usual
it almost feels as if im surrounded by bubbles
youre like crystals, beautiful and perfect no matter what shape or form
and im floating on air
im going to cry? but in a good way
everything feels like pastel colors and sparkles and so much sugary-sweetness its almost TOO much but not quite
filed under: "Love Aesthetic (tm)"
im going to literally scream and explode into rainbow confetti
im so gay
im so gay rip

i wrote this last night nd i liked parts of it so

this is the cheesiest thing tho oh my god i love my datefriends so much
neo Apr 2015
there are bones between my teeth
moonlight glimmering in my eyes
dried blood in my nails, in my hair
my head pounding (thump. thump. thump.)
you know they say blood is thicker than water but that just means blood is more likely to stick in my throat
coughing up family ties one by one
glistening red memories, leaving only a metallic aftertaste
sick nightmare fantasy of ripping open bodies
im the monster in your fairytale stories
lets do a bit of editing, perhaps?
lets shred the whole **** book, perhaps?
lets set fire to the town, perhaps?
im tired of pretending to be your precious child, perfect student, "the innocent one"
i want to paint obscene material in your blood (in the name of art, of course)
@god do you ever feel unreal? are you even real? am i?
no i have to be real, I can feel the blood dripping down my arm, the bones cracking in my spine
im real. im real. im real.
everything hurts!!!!!  **** i cant wait to rip you all to shreds !!!!!!
T H I S  I S  N O T  A  D R E A M
walking on eggshells is far more difficult with digitigrade legs, im not gonna try to be nice anymore
i dont need to be nice anymore
why be nice when you can ****? why just **** when you can slaughter?  
nobody can stop me from lighting up the post office,
nobody can stop me from gouging out your eyes
im no god but im closer than you
im no angel but you might be soon
close your blinds, lock your doors
big bad wolf is back again
bigger, badder, better wolf
greater, darker, madder wolf
teeth like knives and claws like daggers
six golden eyes staring into your soul
oh right, thats me!
i m  i n  y o u r  h o m e
im tired nd i had like one line thought up so i made this nonsense pile of junk
i guess its like??? stuff abt me ? thought-wise
idk none of my poems make sense anyway so
neo Feb 2015
my stomach's twisting and i'm shaking
what do i say? god what if they think i don't want to talk what if they think i don't like them i need to say something

no nonono that was terrible why did i say that they probably think i'm so desperate for attention i have to bring up pointless ****

i want to be noticed
no no i don't i want to go home

should i send it did i word this right? what if they think i'm weird like it's such a sudden thing

i'm perfect i love myself
wait no what if people think i'm self absorbed i can't say that i'm trash
no that's not right either
they should talk more about themselves i'm talking too much about myself
**** **** fu ck
no that came out wrong
"hahahaaaaa i can't talk today i'm mixing up my words,,,,,,"

i can't breathe there's people everywhere they're crowd ign around me im suffoxuating hle p
This poem is old i just found it laying around
  Dec 2014 neo
"oh, there you are", and i’m not sure
where i’m supposed to have been
here we are again angelflower
tying stones to our chests and waiting to drown (this is okay,
i swear to god, or something like that
isnt that what i’m supposed to say?)
i want to set the world on fire, gaslit galaxy
isnt it so fitting? isnt it just perfect?
i wonder how many astronomy problems you havent solved
and you say, "god
this isn't important right now
how can you be a god when you're not immortal"
sometimes i think you can feel me bleeding from 1643 miles away
this isn’t neverland anymore--
what are you afraid of?
something about cornfields and misery heartbeats and
almost like you said something you shouldn’t have,isn’t it? you’re always
so proud,
you’re always so hungry.
by god, you old man, you weathered, withered, beast
grab a shovel, grab whatever you can
this isn’t neverland anymore--
this isn’t andromeda,no galaxy here,
no stars or planetary confinement,
and you were never icarus.
neo Dec 2014
******* hell
there's sore spots all over my body
scabs forming over torn flesh
i scratched until i was bleeding and then kept scratching
i just want them to go away, god why are there so many bumps
i'm trying some self surgery here let me know how it turns out
actually, don't
please don't talk to me about my skin don't mention the dried blood on my shoulder please don't say anything about how i'm going to cause scars
i'd rather have scars than bumps because the scars are mine i made them and if i can't perfect my skin then i'm going to claim it
(that doesn't mean i'll let anyone see them though, it's still ruined it's been ruined from the beginning)
i don't know what you see in me (or what you say you see in me. i still find myself doubting)
i'm too lumpy and bumpy and chubby and there's acne in all the wrong places and blood under my nails
i feel like i'm wearing an old jacket but the jacket is my skin and i need to find something better under this
god i'm going to peel all my ******* skin off
if i lick my lips they still taste like blood from tearing the skin off of them with my teeth
(teeth aren't bumpy. i like my teeth.)
my teeth are sharp enough i just need to stop feeling, if i stopped noticing the pain i could tear it all off god i'm gonna tear it all off
i don't wear tshirts anymore i don't want you to see my arms i don't want anyone to see my skin i don't want to see my skin
make it go away i don't want it anymore i just want to feel nice why is this this so hard
you'd think i'd be able to stop when i make it worse than it was and when i'm hiding all my failures under long sleeves, long pants, hands
no,  no i need to scratch until it's gone it's going to stop i need it to stop but god the pain is killing me (but so is having this skin)
digging out part of your leg hurts like hell, who knew?
i'm going to claw myself out of this skin prison or die trying
i'm going to get out i need to get out let me out **** someone help let me out i'm buried in flesh i'm suffocating in my own skin
hello 911 come quick i need you to cut off my skin I feel like i'm drowning i can't breathe god i can't breathe get it off of me
i've scratched my scabs open again and there's blood trickling down my arm and i'm squeezing it out
as with most of my poems this hasn't been edited and i wrote it late @ night so

also stuff always seems to spiral out of control and off track when i write poetry this is fun
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