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 Oct 2018 JS
 Oct 2018 JS
You're a time-bomb,
Seconds away from imploding.
Tick-tack! Get a holding,
You're about to be.

You don't measure your words,
And they tend to cut like knifes.
Copyright © irsorai
 Oct 2018 JS
Untitled #8
 Oct 2018 JS
**** you,
And my selfish heart
that wants you at all times
beats and searches
in all places
forgetting to beat in pace
forcing me to breathe through breaches.
Copyright © irsorai
June 2017 - finished 25/07/2018
 Oct 2018 JS
 Oct 2018 JS
      me of a leaf  
    with each season
      you change your colour
       until one day you fall to
      the cold, bare ground
       it may seem sad, but
       you add pigment
       to the lifeless
        soil, still so
Never tried shape poetry before but happy with the way it turned out. Accidentally deleted this earlier on, sorry if you're seeing it again :(
 Aug 2018 JS
Dear Mother
 Aug 2018 JS
Though I walk...”

she walked like tentative crying
her skin a pale above the fine
with heart in her eyes
and sorrow a careless pen
scribbled on her lips
in tedium

I followed behind

Where terror cracked jaws
and hell struck at her face
doggedly something bloomed
she left it in her wake
I picked up her crushed petals
their scent a benediction

Such a gift.

Can you imagine
how beautiful she is?
Her determination glowed
in the gaps of mind and soul
pruned at scorching limbs
dripping hot coals before cold feet

I became a fire walker

She talked to souls
and broke her bones
osteoporosis by design
reset to one sturdy beam
bearing weight the dim light glared
and shined a light in my eyes

Mother, thanks to you
I can see beyond this jaded myopia.
Heaven is waiting for us.
Happy Mother’s Day! Be strong ladies, we see you. :)
 Mar 2016 JS
Things to Do
 Mar 2016 JS
I've got so many things to
like wash the car
sometime between
early spring
and to soak the lentils,
I keep forgetting to soak
the lentils until it's
already time
to cook the stew-

I've got so many things to
do today,
like love you,
like to love you with
like I do.
 Mar 2016 JS
 Mar 2016 JS
drink her up up drink her
is your cup half empty or half full?
don't you hear her call call calling you,
don't you feel the pull?

chords, hanging cords, choruses & beats
beat it up beat that meat
meet that beat, stomp your feet

please don't chew her out
chew her up
spit her out
use her up
go ahead & squeeze her
*** her
drink her up

if you give in & play with that fire
don't forget to use protection
those flames will lick & bite you
but they won't **** off infections

people can be magnetic
deep deep & dark
shockingly electric

salty salty sweet
currents ebb & flow
who knows what's lurking deep
deep below
under underneath ***** sheets
***** sheets
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