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Emma Howard Jun 2019
Were you a victim?
Were you held captive?
What was the ransom?
How deep was our bond?

Were you in chains?
Forced to be bound to me?
Or is that the way
You want to be seen?
Short verses I’ve been tweaking. WIP.
  Mar 2015 Emma Howard
Patrick Diaz
mistakes, regrets, heartbreaks;
let's try again
and then we'll figure it out
  Mar 2015 Emma Howard
i know the bites on your neck were wrong i was told not to leave traces of my Self
because i do not belong

sorry for screaming your name
(but i guess it was worth it)
when you choked me and said quiet down

the stain on my ******* looks like the ****** mary
(i think she's mad at me) because i begged you to **** me  
sideways and backwards
digging screaming sweating pounding sighing
the ****** mary is crawling out of my ***** trying to make me

you are the closest tangible thing and you don't even exist
still thinking about you a year and four months later i guess

— The End —