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Patrick Diaz Sep 2017
rivers and universe
his and hers
untamed heat
flickering heartbeat

wakeful townspeople
voices of reason
stubborn kids
scars and roaring dreams

eyes off-guard
winter and postcards
in and out of breaths
midnight old cassettes

lantern beacons
pitter-pattering stones
familiar birth cakes
afire snowflakes

spirit sandcastles
youth color pastels
tender magic words
guitars and harpsichords

firework feelings
fruit and vegetable meetings
hate and love
maybe love

and to anything that matters,
Patrick Diaz Sep 2017
mountain forest
forest gods
riches of nature
with life-giving blood

iron maiden
working tall
evolving era
behind walls

mountain forest
sacred find
spirit guardians
home of the wild

iron maiden
steel kites
guns and sharps
aiming the head of nature's right

mountain forest
fangs of boars
blessed by deer god
hear no roar

iron maiden
standing tall
a fire to devour
has overtaken nature calls

mountain forest
forest gods
and spirit guardians
no longer in resting hands
Patrick Diaz Jan 2017
magnificent myriad stars behind
giant shrapnel of cotton
curtain of time
Patrick Diaz May 2016
a vast celestial sphere
face of the earth looks perfect from up here
and as the stars begin to appear,
one that clarifies the nightfall
the sky is connected after all

you're a combination of harmonious elements,
a combination of colors; a symphony
the pieces of music you have created in every photo,
it reached me
your smiles sprinkled like a glitter
of purple flowers and raindrops
your eyes' braided with a collection of thoughts you never say
waiting to be lit like fireworks display
and your hair's a little tousled like a river
singing and swinging between joy and sadness,
it reached me

I hope this poem reaches you too,
I admire you from afar
from a different place, different language, different culture
and I may not know you and you may not know me
but the sky is connected after all,
the moon will always look back at us,
the birds will leave footprints of pathway
and the sun will always shine like you do

and maybe, just maybe, I could take a step
from that thousand miles of linear extent of space,
of interval between two points; the distance
with a simple hello
"a girl from Thailand"

© Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz Feb 2016
young, fragile, vulnerable, indescribable;
an arrow in the heart
ready or not ready
Patrick Diaz Dec 2015
She was a curious girl
of feminine intimacy and emotional strength
searching for equality and the calmness of the sea
Patrick Diaz Dec 2015
Where are those folks? Let us all gather
This be the night to be all together
Wishing everybody's home
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