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tiniestseed Aug 2015
let me forget that you ever said you loved me as you bite my chest and tell me i'm a good girl please spit on me and call me a **** so i can forget about our naked bodies becoming a tangled sweaty mess in our sleep please **** me till i claw at your back and you scream about how much you hurt
tiniestseed Jun 2015
when you smoke you meet people every day because we are lonely ******* creatures  people are looking for a smoke to fill the void in their lungs in their heart in their throat in their soul but more likely looking for someone to keep them company in the ten minutes it takes to breathe in all the toxins
a homeless girl comes up to me all ****** up and puts the cigarette i give her behind her ear
it falls and she stumbles trying to pick it up
are you a leo she says?
yes i am, i say.
i can find leo women anywhere she says. we've seen some ****, we're strong, and no man can resist a leo woman.
i finish smoking my cigarette and i feel blessed i feel connected i feel touched in all the right important ways
she's wandering she's lost but she finds the leo women who've been ****** and battered but are still hanging on and we become friends on the side of the road just because of a cigarette
we speak of the men who've touched us in places they shouldn't have and we hug briefly and go on with our days
leo woman you are ****** up on the side of the street with absolutely nothing but a pair of jeans you cut yourself they're uneven. your shoes are falling apart and your hair hasn't been washed in weeks. leo woman you tell me to resist and be strong you're giving me advice to hang on when you have nothing to hang on to.
i am glad the world brought me to you.
just thoughts
i'll never forget you
tiniestseed Apr 2015
maybe being alive is exhausting because
i still wear the clothes i was ***** in and
it takes all my energy to do my laundry

if i swipe right for a man named jesus will he save me?
tiniestseed Apr 2015
i have lived with you for an entire year but i don't think i have hated someone so much in my entire life
you have seen me every day but you have never studied my body
i have never seen your shadows
i surrendered all of myself but you just cut off a fraction
tiniestseed Apr 2015
the moment i realized i Really hated you was when i heard you called me a disgusting feminist
was the moment i realized that you have no respect for my life
or any life besides your own
when i offered myself you gladly took
but never reached in return

i wish my brain could just open up and **** you in
explaining everything i have ever felt but instead
i will stuff my mouth so words won't come out
and i will deal with the pain and pity alone
this is nothing but an incredibly drunk angry rant
  Mar 2015 tiniestseed
her spine
lay lengthwise
speed bumps for my
to carefully explore—
tracing out tattoos of a
satisfied itch
i mustn’t get too eager
idyllic in my state
sunken into my bed
and head into pillow
and my chest for hers
her cheek rides like
rolling whitecaps of the
upon my rising breast
her head is here
but her mind soars elsewhere
anchored in clouds of sleep
while i lay grounded
stroking across her back
staring at my
drinking in all i can
with my finger tips
etching a route through
her spine
tiniestseed Mar 2015
our bodies are just vessels for our souls and
dorm rooms are not homes

just shelters we pay for
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