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em Jan 14
don't push me away
like you always do
em Jan 14
i have always been
a product of my own self destruction
my heart sinking deeper and deeper
down the darkest path
every time i try to speak

i am now free
i have found my voice
i am no longer caged by my own limitations
i have set myself free
by letting go
of my insecurities

i can soar on my own
without the help of others
i can fly freely
without the fear of
being put back
in that cage i once built for myself
em Jan 14
i don’t want to lose you
i don’t want to be with you
i don't want to be without you
i don’t want you in my life
i can’t imagine a life without you

you make me crazy
you are crazy
you have no idea
how crazy i am

you have no idea
how much you make my head spin
trying to wrap myself around
your conniving messages
trying to understand
why you do this to me
trying to understand
why i still fall for you
trying to understand
my first poem on here! this one is about my experience in a relationship

— The End —