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purge toxic people
bring your soul peace, but what if
the poison is me?
 May 31 elle jaxsun
Cycles of dawn and dusk pass,
creep around in long shadows
as emotions thaw.
Iā€™m no longer trapped in
the tangled fibers of existence.
I am existence:
the definition of survival.
Former victim to the
relentless pulls of the universe
I now wear my own rings,
have my own orbit.
I dreamt myself a world:
full of meaning and purpose.
Sometimes I wonder if I am going to miss you forever.
 May 27 elle jaxsun
thank you
for holding me tight

in times I can't find strength
to move on the next page.
Find meaning in your pain,
your trauma,
your wounds
Become the container
of your story
not the contained
To deeply connect
we need to unravel
be vulnerable
In this space
we see it all
In his space
we expand
We allow
We heal
Unravel the old and welcome the new
An overwhelming force
Rises from my belly
A fanaticism flows through my blood
As your words
Are delicately etched through my skin
Plunging deeper
Permanent marks
On my muscles, my bones
Seeping into my marrow
Bonded to every cell
A new conciousness is formed
A new heartbeat
My very essence eternally altered
Because I love you
My heart beats
rhythmically with yours
Limbs intertwined
Skin melting into skin
My eyes closed
The salt of you on my tongue
Your breath
Hot and sweet on my neck
As I dissolve
into that exquisite contiguity
of corporeal rapture
and ethereal ecstasy
 May 15 elle jaxsun
you told me, of all
the stars in the galaxy
i was the brightest

i only believed you when
i was the first to explode
"A supernova can shine as brightly as an entire galaxy of billions of "normal" stars."
Stealing my soul
forever lost in eternity
locked in place
madness grips me
an enduring fear never ending

A face of stone
the cracks won't show
a river of stars lost
in the night
reasoning with myself
as I melt into nothing.
 Apr 28 elle jaxsun
Temporary solutions, life long problems.
Predetermined conclusions, evolutionary regression.
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