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fake memories Nov 2016
Dan bayang mu semakin semu
Ku tanya bulan dia tak tahu
“Aku mencintaimu” katamu, sendu
Tapi bohong terpampang di matamu

Hujan datang menghapus cerita
Aku mengadu kepada senja
Kau pergi begitu saja
Meninggalkanku dalam derita
  Nov 2015 fake memories

In another time,
will you still love me?

In another place,
will you still meet me?

In a fleeting moment,
will our stars meet?

I guess I should give up,
knowing you're not there...

but then I'll better wait,
Patience is all I have left...
  Nov 2015 fake memories
Jeffrey Pua
My heart pounds like the Leonids.
I fail to find the voice to console her.
I do not wish to be the reclining Moon,
Nor the twilight that reminds her of the little things.
She has the eyes of a heavenly body,
I love her blindly.
And as the slow lightyear of a tear
Shoots down to her lips, I wonder
How the stars really taste like.
And so we kiss,

     But it did not change the universe.*

© 2015 J.S.P.
fake memories Nov 2015
Stop the train,
I want to kiss her,
Before she falls into another lips.
Stop the train,
I want to give her a flower,
before she falls into another garden.
Stop the ******* train,
I want to write her a poem,
Before I **** myself.
fake memories Nov 2015
she's the only
that worth
my bloods

— The End —