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David Hall Jun 2016
how can I be there for her
when noone was there for me
how can I teach her things
that I have never learned
how can I show her love
that I have never felt

beautiful things can be
built from broken pieces

I'll kiss her boo boo's
while hiding my scars
fight the monsters under her bed
and lock my demons in the closet
I'll be the father she needs
and never the father I fear
David Hall Jun 2016
the wind that once
ripped root and rock from bare earth
has settled to a gentle whisper
the waves that once
crashed down upon my tiny island
threatening my world with inundation
are now a placid pale blue mirror
finally a spare moment to think
finally enough room to breathe
i can't help but wonder
is the storm finally over
or am I only in the center?
David Hall Mar 2016
every Monday morning
I think about your smile
i let the world disolve around me
and daydream for awhile

on Tuesday afternoons
I like to linger on your laugh
I close my eyes a moment
and let the memories take me back

on Friday nights
I sit quietly and stare
my body at the bar with friends
my mind running fingers through your hair

and every other moment
my conscious minds awake
my heart whispers out your name
the only sound my heart can make
David Hall Feb 2016
I question
not because I need the answer
just to hear the sound of your voice
see your lips move and your eyes shine
as you speak a reply

I fall
not because I can’t keep my balance
just to feel the warmth of your skin
the slender curve of your fingers
as your hand catches mine
David Hall Feb 2016
dreams know the truth
that you hide deep inside
and they won’t let you live
with a life full of lies

dreams know the truth
and each night they’ll remind you
of all the things in your past
that you can’t put behind you

they burn in the spark
of your secret desire
and each night as you sleep
they rekindle that fire

dreams know the truth
that you keep deep inside
you can lie to yourself
but your dreams won’t abide
David Hall Dec 2015
if god does indeed exist
i doubt he will be able to hear us
until we grow enough
that we can look him in the eye
David Hall Oct 2015
the light of the truth
will hurt your eyes
it will break your heart
as it burns your lies
it will turn your stomach
but it will cleanse your soul
it will break your spirit
but it will make you whole
there are few alive
strong enough to see
the world as it is
not as they wish it to be
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