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The eyes of the wolf are tired
the end of the mist grows near
The call of the crow grows faint
but the vision of my soul grows clear

To all my brothers, I raise my hand
from all the world and not just blood
To all the ones who have been there
And has pulled me from the dark cold mud

I finally made it to the crossroads
my last decision on my own
All my fears they feed the fire
But I have to do this all alone

My love for life does grow strong
but we do not get another chance
Refusing to believe this is my final song
not quite ready for the last dance
 Nov 2018 CGW
Lure Pot
Life is Easy
 Nov 2018 CGW
Lure Pot
Life is easy
But it's been busy
Happiness is light
But sadness likes to fight.

My mind is big
But it's some dig
Dreams make it right
But sometimes turn to the dark sight.

My heart is young
But it's some wrong
Thoughts write day to night
But diary is always white.

The face is smiling
But it's really crying
Sometimes breath is so tight
But everyone knows it's alright.

Love is part of life
But sometimes treats like a knife
When something happens inside
Then someone commits to suicide.

I love my life
I love my dreams
I wouldn’t use a knife
I have family and friends.

Don't worry about me
I can hear and see
I don’t like to take flight
I'm alright in my way, I am alright!
 Nov 2018 CGW
Hanna Jordan
 Nov 2018 CGW
Hanna Jordan
She walks into school
      and it starts again
           the shaking,
               it rips through her like a wave
She hears the sound of the voices
      in the hallway
         yet she cant make out what they're saying
She thinks all eyes are on her,
     everything is just one big blur
She hears laughter and
     she automatically thinks its
        directed at her
She waits in the bathroom
     like she does every morning
        for the halls to be clear
She walks out
     and wipes away her tears
 Nov 2018 CGW
Hanna Jordan
 Nov 2018 CGW
Hanna Jordan
All of the memories came crashing
in like a wave
I reached my arms out to
         grab them
                 to catch them
                         and hold them close
but I ended up drowning...
 Nov 2018 CGW
Hanna Jordan
The truth is,
my heart still flutters with
just the sight of you.
The truth is,
every time the words "I love you"
threaten to escape my lips
the lump in my throat grows to
the size of a softball that I can't swallow.
The truth is,
I get a tingly feeling throughout my
whole body every time you surprise me
with the littlest things that I love dearly.
The truth is,
watching your chest rise and fall
with every breath you take
as your legs are intertwined
with mine makes everything worth it.
The truth is,
the sound of your raspy morning voice
whispering "good morning" to me
still gives me chills.
The truth is,
I guess I'm sort of in love with you
but since I could never say any of this
out loud,
this poem is for *you.
 Oct 2018 CGW
Want Add
 Oct 2018 CGW
Looking for
a pull up bar
that I can put on
my bedroom door,

because I am working on
building my
back strength
and overall

Looking for
all the episode
of my favorite shows
that I didn’t know
I hadn’t seen yet,

because I am
super obsessive
and have to know
how the whole thing goes
not just the beginning
and end.

Looking for
Star Trek,
and graphic
novel books,

I love to read
about the things
that sustained me
when I was a kid.

Looking for
all those
who strive to be

I feel like
this club of only us
against all other
human beings
have lost our way
and we need to be
we are one people
not disparate parts
set in a spark
of constant conflict.
 Oct 2018 CGW
Nice to meet you
I think I've seen
You roaming the halls
Chewing your thumb
And muttering some Pink Floyd song
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