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 Nov 2014
ChinHooi Ng
Small town,

starry night,

the playback of old times on vinyl,

small town had our dreams,

osiers standing silently,

along the causeway,

seeing shadows of  days gone by,

against the wind,

memories of  the small town,

bright and luminous like pearls,

small town has changed,

dreamers no longer dreaming,

laughter and tears demised,

and became our own treasures,

walking in this city,

you can go back to a lot of places,

but you can’t ever go back,

to the days of yore,

of the small town.
 Sep 2014
Breaths apart.
These eyes could work as one.
Tied together.
Chest to chest, we couldn't be any closer.
It dawns on me what you mean to me.
I can't leave.

Your fingers trail down my cheek,
Leaving fire in its track.  
I'm burning for more.
I can't leave.

My future,
Didn't involve this place.
I was meant to be with the changing seasons,
The evergreen trees;
In small towns with infinite possibilities.
But I can't leave.

My heart skips a beat.

Your face contorts,
You know I'm thinking.
You know my mind:
A thousand thoughts per minute.

You lean in,
As if we weren't close enough.
"Tell me," you say.
Your hand trails down my back,
And I'm liquid to the touch.
You pull me closer.

My head is shaking,
Saying no to more.
I'm getting too attached.

"I can't-"
I try to say.
"I won't leave."

Now, your shaking your head.
You laugh against my neck-
This isn't funny.

You say my name and I'm gone.
*"I go," you say "wherever you go."

— The End —