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 Apr 18
You are more than
the fear that holds you back.

You are more than
the sorrow that you carry within.

You are more than
the pain that keeps you away
from yourself.

You are more than
the anger that consumes you.

You are more than
you think you are.
 Dec 2021
Dennis Willis
Unsure as to why that is
it unravels itself openly
unreels, uncoils, unfolds
even spills itself further
into this shallow dish
foolishly as always
and impetuous
not careful
or measured
just emptied
 Jan 2021
Thomas W Case
The Purple
For the first time in my
life, I saw colors- not like
normal people see colors; my recent woman
sees colors all the time.
This morning, there was
purple splashed all over my room.
One time, in her sleep, she said
the word 'purple.'
I asked her what it meant,
she said, 'Knowledge of the future.'
I know she will try and ***** this
sickness out of me; God Bless her.
What do I know about the future?
I know it looks bleak, and the
doves are crying.
I wish I could smile
But I have to sigh
I wish I could laugh
But I have to cry
I wish I could be happy
But I simply feel sad, I wish I could fly
But instead I am imprisoned
I wish I coul have fun
But instead iam bored
I wish I could have better days
But instead they are bad
My life is meaningless
Bound by lockdown
Chained by restrictions
But for now
My life has been put on hold.
 Nov 2020
The days are numbered, the nights go by
Counting sheep till slumber, then morning cries

Open eyes, our hearts ablaze
A field of candles, with the wind it sways

Softly sinking, a slow steady drip
Smoke in the shadow, as life loses grip
Life and thoughts of our inevitable death
 Oct 2020
Kafka Joint
A galaxy is only huge,
If you can't live without it,
Otherwise, it's just a tiny speck,
Because you don't love it.
 Jun 2020
Haydn Swan
Why do we seek the image in the mirror,
then trust what we see in its frame,
the self gratification of the soul,
the ugliness of the truth it hides,
reflections of the things that we hide,
seeing through others eyes,
the belief in systems of lies,
throw the veil over all that we are,
taking refuge in the shadows it casts,
hidden by the pain that we fear,
imprisoned by the words that we hear,
take solace in what you see inside,
trust in the world contained within.
 Jun 2020
Ashly Kocher
I’m sorry I had to leave
I’m sorry you blame yourself
I’m sorry the timing just wasn’t right
I’m sorry I left you in pain
I know you feel broken inside, you just won’t admit it
Something wasn’t right, I had to go
Leaving you feeling helpless
Broken and confused
Not understanding why
Saying hello and right away goodbye
I’m sorry I had to leave
Don’t blame yourself
The time wasn’t right
But I will see you one day
When I get to look into my mothers eyes, for the first time...
 Jun 2020
I am scared
scared to be abandoned
to be hurt,
yet I am here
risking all I have
To say
I love you.
To mean it,
And to make you feel loved every day.

I’m scared to wake up
knowing that
I no longer have value
to the most precious person to me,
To be deprived of everything important to me.
Yet here I am,
with all my courage
facing uncertainty
Loving you
 Jun 2020
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
 Jun 2020
And over time,
My pen stopped bleeding
But my heart didn't
 Jun 2020
Kelsey Banerjee
I dreamt of draupadi,
birthed by fire
foot on black coals
face smothered
an offering vengeance -
mocked, name soiled
a scapegoat for war
because of a purpose
dictated by her father,
for laughter imaged from her lips
a blame only a man or five,
a few producers, even,
can shift to a woman.
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