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What then is friendship
because the bond that defined ours
Doesn't exist anymore
When we said our first hi
You were just an idea
The most beautiful stranger
After knowing your name,
I matched your face to perfectly fit the "idea"
A couple years after we still writing our story
But every plot twist has lead to the same ending
I keep flipping to the next chapter
Hoping the plot takes a different turn
I have never been right
So should l turn another page
Or it's time to close the book?
Gradually becoming strangers with the people closest to you
 Apr 13
hazem al jaber
State of love ...

in my heart for you ...
state of love ...
and the constitution of loyalty ...
and a great nation of longing ...
that never calm down ...
and ,,,
if love could speak ...
it surely will  pronounce with ...
the most beautiful words of love  ...
and an adoration for you ...

and ...
If the heart has a tongue ...
it would tell you ...
that you owned the heart ...
and it's beats ...
to become ...
the most beautiful beats ...
in every second ever...
with a great melody ...
as a national anthem ...
for our state of love ...

hazem al ...
 Apr 7
Colzz MacDonald
I know you believe I have no right
To tell you that I still love you.
However, even if I kept it to myself,
I would still feel it, so what good would that do?
I feel like you are always changing
And, I know I don’t feel the same
When all is said and done
Love is such a trying game
There has never been one like it
Designed so no one will win
There has never been an end
So how do we know where to begin?
We fumble and we fall
We fail to seek our eternity
However, it has a place and time
Like some lecherous fraternity

'Love you to the moon and back'
A diamond shining in the sky
This is merely a fantasy
A small-perpetuated lie
Where we find love
It should be simple, true, and kind
Is this where that phrase comes from
When they say that ‘love is blind?’
We give too much of ourselves to people
When all we seek is deep inside
We need to look for love within us first
The only place it can never hide
We face our trials and growth is not easy
Through the pain of where we need to go
Because if we don’t love ourselves
Then looking for love is just a show

As I let, you linger in my mind
You, the one in love, I lost
I am counting all my misery
Instead of the truth of what it cost
I lost myself to the one thing
I fought so hard to seek
Instead of making me strong
All it did was make me weak
I forgot the golden rule of thumb
We don’t find love, we attract
They say you draw love to you
Some believe this is a fact
But when I leave this mortal coil
And I journey to wherever we go next
I will have a few questions ~ not least of all
Can you put love into some small context?
 Mar 18
Poetic Eagle
I remember, all the beautiful moments of us together, l had them with my eyes closed
I hold you  better in my sleep
 Mar 16
Poetic Eagle
Letting go doesn't mean I'll leave
Im just taking another path
And not bringing you with me

As painful as it is, I need to do so
If l let go of my sanity
what else will be left?

A stroll  to clear my mind from you
Had me wishing you were there,
With me,

Everytime l try to forget,  l remember
Everything could be better with you,
Wishful illusions of the mind
When l say let go, l don't mean unlove people or walk away because feelings don't fade but they can change
 Mar 12
Poetic Eagle
Life is easier learning to unlove you
Than trying to love you
You never made loving you feel easy
From struggling to find ways to reply you the right way so we keep the conversation going
To wondering how to break your silence, just so l don't feel forgotten by you
 Mar 12
Poetic Eagle
I never wanted to learn without you
But your absence taught me regardless
Letters to my bestfriend
 Oct 2023
Druzzayne Rika
Attributes of autumn surround,
As love's sweet malady astounds.
My heart beats faster, breath drawn deep,
As love's embrace I long to keep.

Oh, cure this love that makes me yearn,
My soul with fervent passion burn.
Like leaves that fall in golden hues,
My love for you will never lose.

But autumn's chill can bring me fear,
Lest love's sweet bloom should disappear.
So calm my mind with love's embrace,
And banish doubt with tender grace.

My love, my heart, my autumn dream,
Together through the seasons gleam.
For though the leaves may fade and fall,
Our love will stand forever tall
 May 2022
apart from breathing through your nostrils?
Every breath intake,
A second more to live
all we ever did was breathe
through the sorrows and happiness
it has many arcs, the wave
every moment I spent living,
I knew the fate
same as everyone
death will swallow me whole
all I ever had was my fine soul.
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