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Immense responsibility is ****** into life when parenthood arrives.

Unconditional love thrives,
I’ll love you no matter what told
an infinite number of times.

No blueprint available brings worry and stress,
wanting your child to flourish and grow,
not wanting to depress their ability to progress.

Always wanting to express support and care since an embryo.

The rollercoaster of life inevitably takes control and never lets go.

Child, teen, and then adult makes the parent feel time to let go and become the background chaperone.

I’ll love you no matter what.
I’ll love you no matter what.

A phrase that will never age.

A child grows but the love they felt and feel is their most preciously held ideal.

- For my Mother -
I have a Tetris mind,
building up confidence to paint out words
-block by block
Hanging by the corners, a few nights with
an empty pen;
Current location: Writer's block
 Sep 12
rose hopkins
Let it be open
So the love can flow
Let it burn through
And leave
An indelible mark
On your soul.
There once lived a gal whos name was Eve
she was married to a man named Steve
she owned a pet spider
that she called slow Rider
quite often he slept inside her sleeve      

Brushing their toes as he crawled aside
there were so many places to hide
inside her white bonnet
without fuss or a fret  
Spider-Rider spun dreams made of hyde

There once lived a spider named Rider
so great as a friend and confider
night was so much brighter
when he slept beside her
together they slept all the wiser

By: Mystic Rose
 Sep 4
Unpolished Ink
I stand and watch my brood depart
brave captives of an Autumn sky
they need no shelter from my wings
now they are swans and want to fly
 Sep 4
S R Mats
Dream about it,
Then pray for forgiveness,
Why shouldn't you?  I do.

Just a bite of the forbidden fruit
And the poison would rush in
Throughout our veins

This is a study in futility
For neither of us will bite
Even to die in one another's arms
 Aug 30
Isaac afunadhula
it's been plenty of years feeling like strangers  with the beautiful smile that you gave me the first day we met you gave me a chance to love how could l ever thank you.
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