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Red skies cover the land.
Expanding, taking over the north and south.
Becoming a shadow of a land, uninhabitable.
Even the survivors have escaped.
Can the trees stand up again?
Can the rivers fill up again?
And if they do? How long till they disappear?
the church

stone palace of rigidity and grief
do Satan's work

wheel house
lecherous priests
for crowds of power
algorithm of spiritual disaster
in an industry of lies

wet willie lick strokes
mangina ******
rituals of obedience
by **** angels
for old aeons corpse

the black robe
signifier of deceit and confusion
fits like a gothic tent
on a married daughter
"nice dress honey"

humiliators of genitals
stammer a commerce of servitude
and self doubt
for a vacant god

with out the life force of eroticism
guilt ****
creativity abandoned
and flowers bench press the cross
to failure
in hierarchies of shame

the bejeweled divine
huddle in darkness
pimping hallows
with the pride of the devil
for gold lame fashion and cute décor
paid for by mortified parishioner's
while **** wagging wives of God
preach celibacy
Who's there?
Negative Thought
Haven't seen you
Since you saw me stick that needle in my arm,
Were you disappointed?
Let's hang out and drink some beer
Smoke some crack with the AK
I'll be okay
It's just a phase
My cousin offered
Who am I to say no.
Free drugs are free drugs
I'm not an addict
Just an enthusiast
Who cannot resist temptation,
That's my explanation.
Please come back
And don't think less of me.
There are people
Who help us rise
Just because they
Love us
I want her too much
I'm just a good dude

I always support her
I'm one of her fool's

I've had enough
I'm up to my neck

As much as I try
I cannot connect

It's time to move on
My heart is a door

I'll love her forever
Just not any more.
Traveler Tim
I have nothing to hide
The door is open take a look inside
I’ve done my bad
Then set things right
Transforming my ugly
Into light
I’m not ashamed of who I am
This is who I want to be
Come on out and take a breath
Set your ugly free!
Traveler Tim
In every 12, they say you'll find a Judas
That's why my circle has a small radius
Even the loyal ones can still break your trust
Read the Bible, 3 times Peter denied Jesus

Lots of faux well-wishers, enemies in disguise
They smile to your face but bitter inside,
Rejoice with you but wish for your demise
You don't want to be around these guys

Before you banish the fakes from your circle
Ensure you're not a *** yelling black kettle
You have to be your brother's keeper
Offering true loyalty to one another.
Will they ever just be silent
The voices in my brain
They talk so much of violence
Look what you’ve done they say
It was in our defence
Is always my reply
Although another question
In my mind is always
Breathing hard,
we swam in our ocean of one skin

bodies hot,
flesh aflush

as you fall  beside me
feigning to be tired.

I close my eyes
and think about twilight beaches

if it will be you or the moon
walking alongside me there

within the decrepitudes
of waning one-nights

stands your inconsequential

Our Friday evening breathing
Slows to a silence of regret,

you get up to towel down,
while I allow your power to dry on me.

Still, you come and wipe away our ***
as you kiss each place

where you had landed
yet you never consider

my lips...
Retitled and revised
dont be bitter
because im fitter
why hasnt it hit her
he doesnt wanna bang you
Somebody Hang You.
dont loose ur head
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