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25/F/Under The Sea    Please don't use or recreate my poems.
19/M/Bihar, India    World's a lie; Truth's a threat... Life's a mess; Better be a hypocrite
Safe Spaces 🌙Its ok to just be🌻🐝 (sole site containing listing permissions to my self-published poems)
Mazzy Ram
Jesse Haydn
33/F    ∆ ❤️ Love your neighbor as thyself. As above so below. What goes around comes around. ❤️ ∆
16/F/im lost    for a while I use this site to escape reality, so why don't you escape with me. plus I add my own poems to collections ...
Caroline Shank
76/F/Wisconsin    Retired unit secretary. Retired bookseller Barnes and Noble My husband died from Parkinson's disease
Amanda N Skaggs
Maria Mitea
If I do not strive who will?!
Sarita Aditya Verma
48/F/Pune, India    Happy in my space :)
Butch Decatoria
47/M/Las Vegas, Nevada, USA    "The thing about love is that we come alive in bodies not our own" - Colum McCann (Let The Great World Spin). The beautiful contradictions ...
36/F/Seattle    Through poetry we can learn practicing mindfulness towards all around us and more importantly, towards ourselves. Now, you can find my book on Amazon , ...
Seán Mac Falls
Éire    aka “Ormond” is an Irish Poet, widely published in numerous magazines anthologies and journals. An INFP, he’s also a guitarist, singer and songwriter. All poems ...
Ty Katsarelis
13/F/WA    I haven't posted in months, but feel free to read through some of the "poems" on here. There are also some great poets you can ...
21/F/Iraq    What distinguish people from being mere numbers is the stories they share, and though they’re different, somehow they’re all connected. Here I share my stories ...
28/F/Between Here and There    I've been to the bottom, covered in my own self doubt. But here I stand fighting my way out.
Logun Alexander Johnson
18/M/Nowhere and everywhere.    Loved and in love.
T R Wingfield
40/M/Deep in the Heart'o'Dixie    Please excuse spelling and punctuation errors. I use this as a mobile sketchpad. Most poems are stream-of-consciousness and almost certainly a rough draft. All works ...
Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith
37/F/new jersey    Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith is an artist, writer, and priestess living with ALS. She is now exploring painting and bodywork using her feet, while also giving energy ...
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