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Her kiss goodbye,
Full of tenderness
And heartbreak,
Stung of a finality
of a pity
More profound
Than I could process,
And now in the silence
Left in her wake,
I’ve nothing but
“Poets never ****.”
            -V. Nabakov

Oh, but don’t we?
Our methodology might
Differ, our craft more subtle-
And yet the end result,
Escorting some poor soul
To the gates of whatever end
Awaits them beyond this frame,
Is abhorrently familiar,
Our motives no more pure-

We move in different mediums
Some artists in oils,
Others in brute force-
Working in time signatures
Of days and weeks, years-
not Mere seconds-
This is not impulse-
But words weaponized?
That is artistry refined.
We work in palettes of grays.

We need to know them
For the poison to take hold.
To work it’s way through
The bloodstream, through
Every muscle until it is absorbed
Into who they believe themselves
To be, something they can never
Change about themselves
That they are sure is visible
To every passerby,
Some fracture in the facade.

The planting of a seed,
A word, a phrase-
Insidious in its design
A dark spot on the mind
So small, seemingly
Insignificant, but the foundation
Upon which we build our
Scaffold, buried in some
Line of text, in some metaphor
That draws an indelible line
Between some worldly beauty
And a deep buried flaw
They try to hide from the eyes of the world.
It’s delicate business after all,
Planting self doubt and loathing
So ingrained that one is unsure
Whether they ever existed before
The thought that now destroys them.
I cannot wish
That these be the last words
I commit to paper for you,
That this is my grand exit,
these weak, lonely,
Lines, my parting gift
To all that time....

I am rendered mute-
Cannot possibly convey
What you mean,
(Never really could)
But should these be
The last lines you hold
As a memory of me,
Here then-

I Adore you-
Cannot imagine
A world in which you
And I do not exist,
Nor do I want to...

But what god ever
Gave a **** about that?
IntoTheGale Jun 27
Let me take your hands in mine-
Let my graceless touch
Memorize them,
Lift them to my face,
To my mouth,
Take between my lips
Your sweet fingertips
To kiss and bite to taste,
Let my tongue recapture the
Sugar-salt of you,
your palms, Your wrists-
my body quietly burning
with a melody of the
Intractable tenderness,
The vast immeasurable love
That our bodies understand
When words fail.
IntoTheGale Jun 27
When our lips touch
We chase the briefest
Of eternities-
We are timeless-
Weightless on
A black ocean,
Under stars extinguished
Long ago,
Whose light still
Bears witness
To this,
Whose light
Is ours alone.
IntoTheGale Jun 4
A ****** of crows
Converge,  holding court,
In the towering elm tree
That is framed by the broad sky
Outside my window-
The green leaves
Vibrant and bright
Against the backdrop of their
Majestic plumage-
To share the wealth
That sunlight revealed,
Striking a joyful chorus
A celebration of their
Homeward return,
Their song cracking open
The quiet peace of
The evening sky,
The chaotic din belying
The order of their nightly
Congress, the hierarchy
That they know in their blood.
Their flailing inelegant dance
As they bound
among the branches
Is so contrary to their powerful grace
As they take flight,
Their blue black wings beating
At the air, shimmering in the dying light
Of the sunset, fast fading,
Ushering in the stars
IntoTheGale Jun 4
Tonight’s cold breeze brings
On its wings the palpable memories
Vivid and visceral, of when my lips
First touched yours-
The night my heart’s defenses
Evaporated, carried away
With but a kiss.

It whispers in my ears
The seductive song of your desire
Of your longing,
Of the ache my body suffers
In the absence of you.

The vast endless sky
Tonight, is the canvas
Upon which my memory
Paints- of when I
touch your skin,
you close your eyes
Trying to fight back the ecstasy,
Wave after wave of bliss,
That our bodies offer up

The very elements of tonight kindle
Deep within me a desire
I burn for you
I am Insatiate,
I need to consume and be devoured.

midnight encircles me in her blanket of stars
And again I know you-
I close my eyes and feel you,
As the wind sings me your song.
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