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4.8k · Jun 2015
All my late night rendezvous
Have since been eclipsed
By stable days and nights with you.
You save me from the spiders in my shoes,
And when storm clouds start grumbling, I save you.

And I know that this sounds cheesy--
But I don't care. I don't care!
Because I happen to know you ******* love cheese.
And for you babe,
I'll be the best cheese.

I'll be thy holy Swiss cheese,
I'll be your buttered Brie.
And when we've aged 50 years?
Well then babe,
I'll be your ******* Gouda.

At least, that's what I want to be
If you'll let me.
I want to be the finest cheese your tongue has ever tasted.
So lay your wine-stained lips on me;
Let's see how we pair.
After finding my soulmate, my inspiration to write sort of dried up. I no longer had the heartache and pain that had fueled me for so many years. So this poem is dedicated to my love, who makes me feel safe, and at ease.
1.5k · Dec 2012
Retrograded renegade
Bluntly severed runaway
Recomposing rogue of ruin
Rotting in the righteous rain
After the leaves and acorns
Yet before the frost and snow
They say it's only confusion
Artwork by Vincent Van Gogh
Through the blurs of unsettled motion
Vaguely with cloud covered eyes I see
A struggle to remember whatever happened
Interrupted by foreign memories
Not something from which you recover
Not something the curers can find
A plague without satisfaction
This is no cure for the colorless mind

--Christian J. Clark
Possibly the most emotional & cryptic piece I've ever written about myself
1.4k · Feb 2013
Friendly Fire
Dear Ambidextrous Man,

I hear you write words with both of your hands
How does it feel? How does it feel to fight with your hands?
One scrawls your joy, while the other your pain
Together they paint a dull world of gray

Luxurious, lovely, lustful letters
Flirting together on fragile lines
Thick contradictions dancing around
Weaving in... and weaving out...

Potent words piercing the pages
Eloquent chains that tactfully twist
Clashing together in colloquial cacophony
A civil war complete with friendly fire

Black... White... Black... White.... Gray

Dear Ambidextrous Man,
How does it feel to fight with your hands?

Awfully good...
Awfully good...
Awfully good?

--Christian J. Clark
A piece contemplating inner struggle
1.2k · Nov 2012
Dancing With Demons
I'm not a dancer, but I know this dance
Perfect rotations around each other
Perfectly rounded yet opposite
Opposing forces locked in a rhythm
Gazing eyes locked in a trance
Carefully spinning around in spirals
Together we dance the sinner's dance

--Christian J. Clark
That familiar internal struggle each of us face at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we join the dance.
Silver drops of dew splash down
Personal perceptions rule what I see
An immortal moon clutched in my hands
Blindly I sail through an ambiguous sea

Stars were invented by mechanical men
Are memories any more real than dreams?
Presently, nothing's more real than right now
But what we know now is not what it seems

--Christian J. Clark
1.1k · Nov 2012
Desert Desserts
I know a secret.

Come close & I will tell you.
Come close & I will whisper it in your ear.

The desert is full of desserts.

Look up & you will see!
Look up!

Bubblegum sunsets embrace the horizon
As clouds of cotton candy sweeten the sky
Dark chocolate syrup soaks through blue slowly
And sugary stars start to sprinkle the night

The desert if full of desserts,
But no body knows it.

No body knows it,
Except for you.
Except for me.

-Christian J. Clark
1.1k · Sep 2015
La lune
I once built a ladder to the moon
To deposit my heartbreak among the stars
I gathered the slivers, the shards and dust
Then piled it there on the moon to rust
Next to a flagpole that never was
Under the brilliance of a blazing sun
1.1k · May 2013
Desert Flower
Red, barren, cracked and dry
Death makes a daily appearance
On scorching waves of desert sky
Life, like water is sparse and shy

Out of the clay one dares take a risk
Through fractured floor a foreigner arrives

--Christian J. Clark
902 · Nov 2012
Hostess Pocus
Oh no, dear Wonder boy
What happened to your wealth?
I walked down your isle today,
And scanned the starving shelves

Your "immortal" gold ******* has vanished,
And a famine has wiped out your bread
White powder collects in the corners,
Of a skeleton that's now nearly dead

A **** of flower erases your tracks
And just like that,
You're toast

--Christian J. Clark
Written in memory of Hostess Brands, 1925-2012.
869 · Nov 2012
In this world, you live asleep like the dead
Distorted dreams through a prism unclean
The colors your see are not what they seem
How can you see with your eyes wide shut?

Kiss the demons at their feet
Praise them for their artful lies
Let them lull you back to sleep
Singing sweet dark lullabies

In mundo vivunt, somno velut mortui
A deformato per somnium inmundum carcer
See your colores non sunt quod videntur
Quomodo clausis oculis vestris wide?

Osculamini pedes eorum daemonum
Laus eorum est artificiosa
Ipsi vos ad somnum otium
Cantus dulcis tenebris lullabies

--Christian J. Clark
Most of the world exists beneath the surface.
775 · Nov 2012
The Observation
I know it's not very polite,
But I stared at you as you walked by
Your head hung low with hollow eyes

I noticed--

As you walked you dropped your tears
They glistened on the cobble stones
Breadcrumbs to a broken heart

--Christian J. Clark

I noticed.
737 · Dec 2012
You smiled like I didn't know
Little did you know I knew it
Draw it up. Curl it back. Pearly whites are gazing
Blinding but I see right through
Perceptions hazy but the metaphors are blazing
The more you learn the less you know
Stay stupid. Stay green. Leaves change, then die you see?

So much for standing out. You think that's what it's all about
This circle of life only encircles so much,
So why wait when you can open that door yourself
Break it down. Shout it out. This is what we're all about
Leave 'em like you left 'em. Dice 'em into sections
Drill that tooth. Steal their truth. Thieve those diamonds. Pull 'em loose
Wrap them up like Mother Goose
Hide it then divide it but don't split that seed inside it
See it but don't buy it
Only see if you can try it

--Christian J. Clark
719 · Aug 2013
The Empty Echo
You gaze into a lifeless thing
To judge your own complexion
But don't you know by now?
A mirror only shows imperfection

You stress about the way you look
'til it becomes an obsession
What's wrong with who you are?
Self loathing just leads to depression

The tempered glass is filled with flaws
Concealed from your detection
Why believe what you see?
The reflection hides your perfection

--Christian J. Clark
On the topic of self image.
718 · Nov 2012
They say that sin is how you get in
Who knew it would be my escape?
I'll shed this skin and leave it behind
I'm coming home to claim my fate

I'm not a failure if I fail to quit
Hidden deep behind the veil
Vapor vexed in winter winds
Ignorance is a chosen cell

It's easy getting into Hell
Getting out's a different story
I have my ticket, I'm leaving now
I'm coming home to claim my glory

Fearing shadows I face the sun
Torrential raindrops build the flood
You can't erase these burning feelings
These veins do flow with ink, not blood

--Christian J. Clark
716 · May 2013
What Surrounds Us
The universe is immersed in revolution. Not the type of revolution spoken of in history books, although that also might be true. No, the universe is immersed in revolving objects of all forms. Objects with orbits revolving around other objects in orbit. Infinite orbitals.

Our sun is at the pinnacle of the solar system where we exist. All of the planets, including our own, revolve around this celestial star. This star, our sun, also revolves around something greater. On a more local scale, our mother planet, Earth, also has an orbit whereas the moon finds itself in eternal rotation. On a microscopic level, even the atoms that compose us and all things, have orbits their own. Objects with orbits revolving around other objects in orbit... infinite orbitals.

It is not surprising then to realize that we humans are also objects of orbit, with orbits of our own. Each of us have orbitals. We have orbits revolving around us where we store the pieces of ourselves we choose to ignore. We have orbits revolving around us where we store the pieces of ourselves we cannot yet embrace.

When you put something into one of your orbits, your must understand that it does not leave you; it's still there revolving around you like clockwork. If you put that part of you out there, if you ignore it, it does not go away. It's still a part of you, revolving around until you chose to make peace with it.

It's okay to have orbits, we all do. Just realize that when you have too many pieces of yourself orbiting around, things get a little hazy. Your vision is obscured by a cloud of things you refuse to accept. A cloud of things your refuse to embrace. How can you see clearly through the smog of all the things about yourself you chose to reject?

When you live in a shroud of orbits, you experience life in a darker hue.

If you're living inside a dark cloud, understand that it doesn't have to be that way.
You are the commander that decides which parts of yourself get launched into orbit.
You are also the one that decides which parts of yourself you're ready to reclaim.

That's the beauty of it. That's the silver lining.

You're in control of the revolutions around you.
You're in control of your own revolution.

So, what are you waiting for?

Carpe Diem

--Christian J. Clark
715 · Nov 2012
a s y m m e t r i c a l
Together we lay here counting the stars
Because the stars are uncountable & we know
The seasons are changing so we go along for the ride
Constantly spinning with the world; we are recycled
Fabricated lines stitched together with a touch of symmetry
We swallow the sparks inside our eyes & force our fears to fade

--Christian J. Clark
Time is never enough, when the end is near.
665 · Dec 2012
Hang Me from the Curtians
The spotlight's on you darlin' and it's making you blind.

Isn't this what you wanted?
An actress on the stage
(No wonder you can't see)
Swirl those hips around,  
Bare it all for the show
(Ignore my advice; don't listen to me)
Display all those bruises- all those bones
Take pride in the scars examined like stars
Drip your silver tears dry without sound

Scream and howl like a beast on the prowl
(I hate what you've done to yourself)
Hold that head high and show your strong side
(Then crawl away like you have no friends)
Double sided twisted figure turn around... turn around!
Pound those heels on the stage like a knife to my heart
(Don't be gentle, make it count)
Hang me from the curtains then take your bow
(There are better ways to **** a man)

The spotlight's on you darlin' and it's making you blind
(At least you can't see what you're doing)

--Christian J. Clark, 2011
644 · Dec 2012
Distorted Reflections
Today, the sky is an ashen hue of grey.
Today, the sky is void of warmth.
Today, Christmas is a week away.
Today, the sky is weeping.

I stand in line at the checkout stand.
Two older women wait ahead of me.
My ears tune-in to their conversation.
They're talking about Connecticut.

"...they say he took his mother's life..."
"...went to the school and took the lives of 20 children..."
"...he went in and they said they heard popping sounds..."
"...they say it's the second to worst school shooting, ever..."
"...anyways, they say she was probably the first child to be shot..."

And there it was.
Good old American sentiment at it's finest.
Does it really matter who's innocent life was taken first?
Does it really matter?

So petty.
So insignificant.
Here we are, facing a tragedy... and then,
Here we are turning it into a competition.

Frustration hits me like a wave as I stand there in line.
My stomach twists because it's always the same.
My head swirls as I feel the earth spinning
It's always the same.

The sky still sobs as I leave the store.
The haze still haunts and the cold confirms.
I get in my car to drive away from the women.
I get in my car to drive away from the twisted sentiment.

Now I am standing alone in the rain.
The callous wind nips at my neck.
I stare at the rippling surface of the lake.
I watch the reflecting sky distort itself.

Somewhere out there people are suffering.
Around the world humans die every day.
But when it's here, the world morns with us,
And when it's out there, we pretend not to know.

--Christian J. Clark
My heart goes out to all those suffering from the senseless deaths of their loved ones in Connecticut, but also for those suffering across the globe. Dealing with the death of loved ones is never an easy task.
620 · Jan 2013
Thunder Children
The show has gone on for long enough
I'm not quite sure there's more to see
So finish what you've started now
Cut! The End! No credits please.

This show has gone on for long enough
Fire scorches without flame
Thunder children roar in silence
Foaming waters call Thy name

Their show has gone on for long enough
Shadows poison lightning rays
Caustic music flakes commotion
Inhaling death alive with haze

Our show has gone on for long enough
Stinging, Queen Bee's kiss betrays
Bitter rain cleans ****** feet
A saddled horse brings no delays

The show has gone on for long enough
I'm not quite sure there's more to see
So finish what you've started now
Cut! The End! No credits please.

--Christian J. Clark
I relied heavily on biblical allusions while writing this piece.
525 · Nov 2012
I don't think I'll ever adjust
Nothing is how it was before
I look into the mirror and you stare back
But everything is different now

There are these moments...

You stare at me like you always do
Except your face is not the one I know
It's been replaced by a foreign mask
I'm always so shocked to see it there

Every time I see it, my stomach churns...

In these moments I feel myself falling
And it's not the good kind of falling either
Rather, the painful type that break bones
The crushing type that bursts organs

The heart being the first one to go...

I'm not sure why I look at you
And I'm sure I look like a fool when I do
Your eyes pierce right through me like I'm a ghost
I don't understand how I'm here but I'm nothing

Like a scribbled pencil mark that's been erased...

These are the moments that swallow me whole
I just don't know who's the Villain this time
Hearts built for love now poisoned by hate
Which one of us is the monster?

I can't decide, so I cry for us both

--Christian J. Clark

**"Darkness can only be scattered by light, hatred can only be conquered by love."
-John Paul II
Written during a time when I was dealing with the emotional struggle of falling out of love & the painful complications that follow.
487 · Nov 2012
The Attic
Boxed up memories collect dust in the attic
Concealed in the corner behind shattered glass
Reflections of people seen through hazy static
Remember the reason you chose to forget

--Christian J. Clark
389 · Nov 2012
The Spaces Between
This sober sky is a bleak reminder of the mistake I made--
I spread my wings, flew away, and left you on the ground.

Well flying leads to falling through the spaces in between,
I screamed away the pain and now I'm dancing in the clouds.

But somewhere out there you still exist -- outside my mind you still exist.
And somewhere out there you're still breathing-- your lungs still drink the air .

--Christian J. Clark
Written in the wake of my regret as I reflected on my decision to let go of someone I had loved.

— The End —