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Jun 2015
All my late night rendezvous
Have since been eclipsed
By stable days and nights with you.
You save me from the spiders in my shoes,
And when storm clouds start grumbling, I save you.

And I know that this sounds cheesy--
But I don't care. I don't care!
Because I happen to know you ******* love cheese.
And for you babe,
I'll be the best cheese.

I'll be thy holy Swiss cheese,
I'll be your buttered Brie.
And when we've aged 50 years?
Well then babe,
I'll be your ******* Gouda.

At least, that's what I want to be
If you'll let me.
I want to be the finest cheese your tongue has ever tasted.
So lay your wine-stained lips on me;
Let's see how we pair.
After finding my soulmate, my inspiration to write sort of dried up. I no longer had the heartache and pain that had fueled me for so many years. So this poem is dedicated to my love, who makes me feel safe, and at ease.
Christian J Clark
Written by
Christian J Clark  St. George
(St. George)   
   Eve Lastnamehere, --- and NV
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