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Christian Ek Feb 2016
This is classico amor, un amor con mucho valor.
Como tequila y limón, este amor tiene un poderoso sabor.
Baby you make me feel passionate like listening to a Vicente Fernandez song and you feel it hit you in your Core.
Everyday is Valentine's s Day when I'm with you.
Everyday I appreciate you.
You know how much I love to sing to you, how much I like to express how I feel through music and poetry.
Princesa, yo soy tu Guerrero De Amor, el único que sabe como quererte fuerte y suavecito.
Christian Ek Feb 2016
There is love and there is hate
And there is pleasure and there is pain.
I'am driven by both.
Both the axe doing the chopping and the tree doing the growing.
A split personality.
A lover, not a fighter but a fighter for love.
Alone in a world full of others feeling alone too.
When will all these contradictions come to a compromise?
The day you realize you can't control everything in life but you can pick and choose what has more control over you.
Christian Ek Jan 2016
At the thought of having me as yours, you rushed.
But when I needed you the most you were not willing to take the next step.
Nights I could have slept but instead I bled in silence from the frustrations leaking out of my chest.
Where were you?
Times when I relied on a drink to relieve my pain.
Where were you?
Where was your love then, why didn't you hold me or tell me things would be okay, instead you cast me aside like a helpless stranger.
You always imagined a love between us but you never cared for the imperfections that came buried under these covers.
Christian Ek Oct 2015
The winds of change came.
She guided me through fierce storms.
Now the sun rises.
Christian Ek Oct 2015
Summer love has vanished.
Snowflakes settle on her lips now.
Frozen and pale.
Christian Ek Sep 2015
The dance floor burned bright red when you stepped on it.
I could feel the heat a mile away.
Our eyes met in between the other dancers.
She moved with every song in perfect sync.
The freedom in her steps were clear.
Our hands reached for the sky as the clock stopped and our lives became eternal.
It feels good to be alive and with people who came out to do the same.
Butterflies coming out of their cocoons, celebrating under a new blue moon.
Wish I was a more confident romeo or I would have been dancing next to you.
Christian Ek Aug 2015
Harley motorcycles and leather boots
I burn rubber, so don't even try to pursuit.
Addicted to heavy metal and the people unafraid to jump in the pit.
I got a high for danger and a curiosity for the forbidden.
A speed freak pushing it to the limit.
Energy drinks, the adrenaline just keeps going up.
Fill my tank up with gasoline because i don't want to stop, until my flesh turns into dust.
Because my wild heart is ticking and it wont slow down.
The Panther in me will claw you down.  
- C.Ek
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