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 Feb 2015 Chloé
Me without you is like,
            A sneaker without laces,
A geek without braces,
You smile when my eyes,
Meet yours.
Which is often.
I glance around and there,
You are.
Staring me down.
I laugh and smile back,
Rolling my eyes.
Glancing away.
 Feb 2015 Chloé
 Feb 2015 Chloé
i want more than just a glimpse of your mind
more than just another hi
talk to me
no need to be subtle
your voice is enough to turn my rigid parts supple
 Feb 2015 Chloé
 Feb 2015 Chloé
your eyes could meet mine
for only half a second

and i’d end up thinking about them
for half a century
pathetic but only for you.
 Feb 2015 Chloé
 Feb 2015 Chloé
I need to be strong.
Not for me,
But for those around me..
 Feb 2015 Chloé
Damn you.
 Feb 2015 Chloé
**** you.
You said you liked me,
But now you say you don't?
Not the way that I do.

**** you.
I finally put my heart on the line again,
And you crush it?
I thought you were better than that.

**** you.
I can't even look at you in the eyes anymore...
I feel like you broke my trust.

**** you.
**** you.
And I still like you,
Hell I even love you still.

**** you.
**** you.
 Feb 2015 Chloé
I was happy,
Then it all came crumbling down around me...
 Feb 2015 Chloé
they all sat there
asking themselves why.

why does time keep
going even though
i want it to stop?

why does the future
seem so abstract
until it hits you full on?

why are careers and
diplomas and degrees
so important in determining
who you are?

these questions without
answers whirl around
their heads,

they stop their eating,
dreaming, cleaning,
and make sure they
never get out of bed.

the questions we ask
ourselves, can't be
answered out loud,

it is only by living
our lives, that these
answers can be
"i wanna grow up wiser than the wisest."
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