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 Jan 2015 Chloé
Meenu Syriac
 Jan 2015 Chloé
Meenu Syriac
Eyes.*  Locked.
Gaze.  Fixed.
Count to ten.
Time slows.
Breathing.  Rapid.
In this moment,
The world.  Lost.
Hearts.  Beat.
Silence resounds.
Fingers touch.
Time stops.
Lips quiver.
Lean in.
That one moment.
©Meenu Syriac
Whenever one tries to leave,
They get ****** back in.
This poem is a lie
i'm about to cry
settle upon this guy
and come to see it was all a lie
why couldn't i see
it wasn't meant to be
i saw the signs
and i ignored them
and instead i tried.
just like i'm probably
going to ignore this too.
You could squeeze me so hard
it makes my eyeballs pop out
and it would still not be tight enough.
You could grab me so hard
I scream
and it would still not be hard enough.
our bodies could simultaneously fuse together
and it still wouldn't be close enough.
You are the hardest thing i've ever had to say goodbye too. every time you leave it makes me want to cry. i never want to be out of your arms, but we have to live our lives. and there will come a day where we won't be together anymore, where i'll be with someone else. and all i'll daydream, and dream, and think about is you.
I felt less lonely/alone,
when I was with you.
The crescent moon and jupiter
in tonight’s hauntingly beautiful, omniscient sky
gives me this fleeting feeling
of a temporary recluse of eternal bliss
from this scattered world that caterwauls from the inside out.
You were conjuringly special to me,
i convinced my vehemently skeptical gut that,
you felt the same way about me.
quite unnaturally/naturally, i was dolorously mistaken.

Turned out, i was just another
To You.
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