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you got me on your hit list
i can't afford a therapist
it might be cheaper to die
well, maybe
but the funeral industry
the way it's looking lately
oh, it's bleeding me dry

you have made up your mind
to believe a lie
well i'll admit you tried
and i
i could eat a live
wire and then my
brain would be just as fried

and you
you can have your pride
and you can  take your time
but you can't take what's mine

and you will not be the reason
i give up believing
in the good inside
because i
i will keep on breathing
and easily sleeping
purely out of spite
The sky burns into night on a broken gold horizon
Cela va sans dire mais, I will say it anyway

Take my hand, I would follow anywhere
Up the rocks and down the stairs
Leaves falling down like confetti at a parade
Tiny little Bourbon Street in the home we made

The sky burns into night on a broken gold horizon
Cela va sans dire mais, I will say it anyway

Ever since tomorrow became today
I was singing about you before I saw your face
I'll paint a map on the tops of my shoes
So I will never lose my way to you

The sky burns into night on a broken gold horizon
Cela va sans dire mais, I will say it anyway

Even if it ended and this was all
I would never regret the fall

The sky burns into night on a broken gold horizon
Cela va sans dire mais, I will say it anyway
I love you
Nobody writes about the glue unless it doesn't stick like it used to
Nobody cares about what's always there until it's gone elsewhere
There is no art about the dirt in the dark,
but it keeps us from falling apart

I know you think that they never saw you
oh, but I do

Sometimes you feel invisible because you don't like your hair
and you're not very tall
But don't let that make you feel so small
Because without you my world wouldn't turn at all

I know you think that they'll never see you
oh, but I do

Maybe you'll be
Lost to history again

A face in the crowd
A voice in the loud
But I know I'd know it anywhere

So I'll have you sign a book in my mind
I'll paint your name across the sky

I'm gonna write about the glue
I'm gonna write about you
for my mom
If my love is a stand-in,
Tell me, what does it stand for?

My love stands for quiet and comfort and wondering
"how could you ever love me?"
My love stands for never skipping over the icky parts of me
like my insecurity.
My love stands for never shrinking me or my personality
My love stands for taking up exactly how much space I need
and never fearing how much that means
My love is a stand-in for vanquishing every dark thought
that's ever made its home inside my head

If my love is a stand-in for everything I want and all that I need
isn't that just love to me?
And I know your love is true
So my love, it stands for you
prompted by Interlude by Lauren Clark
How does a charmed life spend their day?
Watching the world through a windowpane
Sleeping high on the pillowcase
Knowing love through another's pain

How did it feel to go somewhere new?
When I know you know it's never up to you

Please stay
One more day

I can see you hang your head
I know you're tired
But if you could hold on for one more mile
Please promise that
I'm not ready yet

Please stay
One more day

How does it feel now you're somewhere new?
I know you know it was never up to you
Words don't look how they sound
If I write your name 10 times over
It doesn't even feel like a real word anymore
Just markings on a page

Yet if I say it aloud
The shape of you emerges from my mouth
The feeling of holding you to my chest
The sound of your voice outside the door
The comfort of knowing I could reach out at 4
   in the dark and collide with your warmth

But it all hits me at once like an 18-wheeler
Because I know it's no longer real
But I'll say your name one more time
To remind myself that for a moment you were mine
i only meet you in my dreams
it's been 3 months since you left
i'm not sure if the voice i hear is yours or a distorted memory
does it matter?
when i can still hear you laugh?
when i know exactly what you would say and how?
i see how your hair glows in the moonlight
your eyes twinkle
mischievous in the dark
we meet in the place we both grew up
80 years apart
it's only for the night
the soft, moist, louisiana night
you taught me to drink honeysuckle
and how to be a good host
the life of the party is never truly gone
i can see you're getting tired
but i can't waste a moment
i don't know when we'll get another
don't say it!
i can't hear you say it!
but we both see the dawn
and we both know it's time
i won't say goodbye
so darlin'
until next time
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