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 Apr 2015 Callum K
Hannah Lynn
 Apr 2015 Callum K
And she said,
"You'll get over it,"
when I told her
I'd be sad
if she took her own life.

Well, here I am.
Another year older

and I'm not over it.
 Apr 2015 Callum K
love letter
 Apr 2015 Callum K
It rained
on the day
I left a note
on your windshield.
 Apr 2015 Callum K
cesca thorne
normal was such an extravagant word
made for the so called perfect people of the world
a normal did perfect things

who's to say I'm not normal
I'm perfect in my own way
I guess that in my little world I'm normal to me
Im fun, weird, and i make mistakes
but that doesn't give anybody reasons to say
I'm not Normal
 Apr 2015 Callum K
Love Shown
 Apr 2015 Callum K
I'm the *****,
the quiet girl in the front of the class,
according to the handicap stall in the upstairs boys bathroom, a ****.
I love, and when I do I love to no ends.
But you'd never know how much this ***** loves, because there is no love shown.

— The End —