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You are the thought that dominates your mind at any given time!
on days when the wind
doesn't fulsomely
nor the sun put in its
radiant solar
we'll be wondering where
our household power source did
for the new fangled renewables
weren't dependable of electrical

left permanently in the
darkest of
without a coal or
a gas fired
the politicians promised efficency
this being a ridiculous
our lights were extinguished
by a poor energy
that swept all over the world's
entire territory
Nothing...had enchanted me more,
than that big yellow rose...
bright, stunning at the tip of its tall stem,
soft petals.....yet to fully unfurl,
its inner part...a soothing light shaded swirl...
i sniffed a bit of its fragrance,
and felt its softness...but,
i got pricked by a hidden thorn,
just a tiny puncture...yet,
my finger bled so much...
i walked on through the garden,
...with my pricked finger inside my mouth,
i was amazed by other flowers, more colorful ones,
but, the yellow, pink, red roses outshone them all...
with care this time, i touched a  big pink,
slowly.........and, again, i didn't see,
another thorn was in the way
it was more painful
it bled even more...
i stood thinking, while bleeding...
its beauty, its silky feel...its
fragrance that lingers in the mind
would all be difficult to resist,
the pain from the thorns...harder to forget,
but, i'd still want to walk through this vast this life...and seek those roses
feel inspired...over and over
never mind the spikes!
never mind the pain!
love is beautiful like a rose
a rose is beautiful like genuine love,
there are thorns...hindrances and
hurdles, that come with its beauty....yet,
that wonderful feeling of loving,
and being loved, in return,
the wanting, the longing for it,
never dies...the fear of bleeding,
is ignored,
for, what is life without love?
and what is love without pain?
isn't love lovelier...more hopeful
the next time around?
a rose could never be a rose
without its many thorns...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
April 11, 2018
 Dec 2014 Brendan Thomas
Joe Cole
I thought the full English breakfast was wonderful
But oh dear, oh dear
Sub Parr

The Xmas lunch, truly spectacular, turkey golden,
crisp skinned. Vegetables cooked to perfection
Xmas pudding flaming blue
Fresh cream and brandy butter
Log fire warm and bright
But oh dear, oh dear

The best of wines money could buy
Port, cheese platter
10 year old brandy following
But oh dear, oh dear
Sub par

Oh oh oh
 Dec 2014 Brendan Thomas
Joe Cole


Oh such inspiration, such brilliance. Art still lives in my words
 Dec 2014 Brendan Thomas
Joe Cole
Despite being recognized in litery circles
As being the worlds greatest  poet
As a man without equal
With both pen and brush
Despite the fact that all other  writers
Are both mediocre and sub Parr

I Am A  Humble Man
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