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15.9k · Aug 2014
Shooting Star (gone too soon)
Brendan Thomas Aug 2014
Such a humorous man
A kindhearted soul

His fame it does seem
Had taken it's toll

All his money and fame
Could not bring him peace

Behind laughs and smiles
Lay his demons , his beast

The world a little dimmer
With another bright star gone

We'll definitely miss him
Though the world will move on
In memory of Robin Williams
8.7k · May 2014
Welcome Home
Brendan Thomas May 2014
To the place
Where dreams die

Where darkness prevails
The sun doesn't rise

Agony and anguish
Together here thrive

Life choices made
This is home when you die

So, Welcome home
Home for all time
7.7k · Mar 2014
Unappreciated Chemist
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Oh master of chemistry
What wonders you devise
Some make us happy
Some save our lives

Sterile lab coat
In a white sterile cell
You toil all hours
To create the newest pill

We never acknowledge
Your struggle and strife
For the chemical wonders
That are part of our life.
4.8k · Feb 2014
Viking Soul
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
Darkness encircles my soul deep in Hell
Cut down on the battlefield, I died where I fell

Swirls of color and light, appeared when I passed
I was back at the battle, but now as a guest

Farther back still, we went through my past
Saw my mistakes, my pains, and my laughs

Now I know how I ended up here
I lived as a heathen and never knew fear.
3.2k · Feb 2014
One sided love
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
Heart full of anger
Outside shows love
Easily tricked
Think they're the one

One day see past it
Now know who you are
I cannot forgive this
You left such a scar

A scar on the soul can never be healed
You go through the motions
But,still cannot feel
Everything's "me", "my" and "mine" now
And I guess it always was.
2.6k · Mar 2014
Girl from Mumbai
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
The girl from Mumbai
had beautiful eyes
they could peer into your soul
as through a window

Different lives
worlds apart
the girl from Mumbai
had stolen his heart

Not meant to be
never to meet
the girl with those eyes,
from Mumbai and he.
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
special to some
an angel to one
millions of stars
yet only one sun

comets do burn
travel fast and burn bright
but the sun is eternal
and so pure is it's light
1.5k · Mar 2014
Intriguing Muse
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Alas I've found another Muse
She knows not yet
But still it's true

For from inside
Inspiration again flows
Until that time
Like the rest she shall go
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
Please know I love you
For all that its worth
Had I the power
I'd slow down the Earth
Keep day from the night
Our lovers moon never setting
Knowing I can't is truly upsetting
You've a piece of my heart
I'll never get back
But the Earth is slipping from my grasp
I can't hold it back
I don't want this to end
Our love or this night
So every sunset
I'll hold back the Earth
And pray for endless night
1.3k · Mar 2014
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Sundays are lonely now
Just me and my dog
Don't go to church anymore
Not sure What I believe

At least Monday brings work
Keep my mind occupied
Keep the darkness at bay
At least till Friday

Five short days
Where I'm needed
Where I need to be
Friday will come,and I'll pray for next week
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
A caged tiger am I
My running days through
My eyes are now lifeless
My soul has died too

The fight gone from my spirit
I slumber through life
I peer through the bars
When I wake in the night

The time has come
Should I lie down and die?
Or should I keep surviving
As the days pass me by

Of one thing I am certain
One thing I know is true
One day these bars on my cage will rust
And I will slip right through.
1.3k · May 2014
Waiting For Love
Brendan Thomas May 2014
Blue eyes that stare back
With pain and with hate
Pain I know well
Because mine are the same

I have made mistakes
But everyone does
All I can promise
Is I will always love


Whether or not
This feeling is returned
Is all up to you
That's one thing I've learned

So I'll give you some space
And plenty of time
But at the end of the day
The decision's not mine

Don't wait too long
We all change with time
And once more I'll say
The decision's not mine

So think long and hard
What it is that you want
I won't wait forever
At some point I'll stop

1.2k · Feb 2014
One more drink
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
Slowly it spins,

my world around me

It twists and it tumbles

like a drunk bumblebee

Falling and stumbling

Inside and out

Upside down

Around and about

Lie in my bed

One foot on the floor

Hope it stops spinning

Can't take anymore

1.1k · Dec 2014
Friendship Promise
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
A promise to be,
A shoulder to cry on

A loving hand
To pick you up when you fall

A warm heart
When your heart's feeling cold

A friend who'll still love you
Even when we've grown old

An ear to listen
To your worries and fears

A warm gentle hand
To wipe away any tears

Whatever will be,will be
And there's nothing we can do
But you'll always have me
My friendship promise to you
You mean the world to me!
I hope you know that
1.1k · Apr 2014
Something in my tea
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
I travel into the great unknown
Through kaleidoscope tunnels
In marshmallow homes

Silly putty writings
Unfold in my lap
Scrawlings from fairies
Under my hat

Bubble gum people
Walk by my stoop
They'll do it again
My day is on loop

The tea was Earl grey
Then it turned blue
I've had a strange evening
How about you?
1.1k · Feb 2014
Alarm clock confusion
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
I woke in a darkness that paralyzed me
Looked for some light,still could'nt see

Time standing still,feeling alone
All by myself,nobody home

Out of the darkness I saw a faint light
Saw the alarm clock,realized it was night
I quickly turned over and turned on the light

No longer scared,what a beautiful light.
1.0k · Mar 2014
A New Chapter
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
My mind is swirling
These thoughts aren't mine
Where did they come from
When did I cross this line

Aloneness rattles
Like an old rusty cage
When did I lose everything
Who turned that page

Life like a book
Is full of new chapters
Some full of sadness
Some full of laughter

This new chapter open
The old chapter closed
I'm lost in this moment
The clock hands have froze

I'm in control
Of my own destiny
The anchor chains broken
Going forward through the sea.
952 · Oct 2014
Happiness(it's her turn)
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
I hate to see her hurt
I wish she felt no pain
sometimes pain makes us stronger
she's strong enough already
been through enough
it's her turn to be happy
her turn to be loved by someone
who appreciates her for who she is
a beautiful soul
even it means giving pieces of herself
everytime she cares for another
it's HER TURN!
for someone who deserves all the happiness in the world and more,
you know who you are :)I hope you find it
889 · Jun 2014
about a "humorous"? poem!
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
I'm sick of people writing **** they don't know anything about
but, that is "freedom" of speech
Poems about a soldier being promoted,wounded and losing his family
That's called "Sacrifice"
And is the reason you have the "freedom" to write that **** and add it to a collection of "humorous" poems.
887 · Apr 2014
Demons and tea
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
Swirls of white
Within my tea

The warming drink
Does comfort me

Around my mind creeping
Demons while I'm sleeping

Awake yet again
Though I'd rather not be

But closing my eyes
Brings the demons to me

Daylight , my reprieve
But alas it is fleeting

Once darkness falls
The demons start creeping

Cup of tea anyone?
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
I feel death lingering
And realize
My soul dies a little more
Each day

If my heart was still alive
It would pump more pain
Through my dead veins

Maybe it's better to be numb
Not feel anything
Dead inside
At least there's no more pain

Slowly slipping into a sleep
With no waking

Resting in peace
879 · Dec 2014
My Untouchable Star
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
Dear love , my moon
Unreachable star
Far from my grasp
seems to be where you are

Distance and time
Have no meaning when we're here
Alone in our heaven
I wipe away your tears

Away from this world
In our world together
We float hand in hand
Adrift here together

What shall become of us
If only we could know
The night is our secret
Till the suns rise calls us home

Oh world why, do you keep us apart?
Do you not know
What we feel in our hearts

Two hearts together
Beating as one
Neither will stop
'Till the other is done

The fates have a plan
Of that I am sure
What else could it be
For two hearts kept so pure

So sleep well my love
'Till the morn breaks the spell
And we wake not together
Alone in that Hell

But be not detered
For the night closes fast
And we'll be once more together
Together at last
866 · Mar 2014
Sole survivor
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
A cougar from the mountain came
On padded paw she stalked her prey
When he came within striking distance
All was over in an instant
862 · Feb 2014
Little white lie
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
Little white pill, oh little white lie
You help me feel nothing
I reach for the sky
Numb and amazing, how happy am I

No more lies, tell me the truth
Wicked little pill has been so abused
Or is it me,I'm the one that's been so abused

You told me a lie
How happy WAS I
You were just using me
Or was it me using you
So much confusion
My life is now doomed.
Brendan Thomas Dec 2017
On a high hill beside the ocean
A mighty boulder hung
Suspended by an equally mighty rope
One lone tree near the two
Many a storm had they both endured
The boulder and the rope always under pressure
The lone tree swaying in the wind
Occasionally the tree branches would bend just far enough in strong winds  to rub against the rope, fraying it ever so slightly
Then the wind would die down and all would return to normal
On a particularly stormy night the wind blew harder than ever before, the tree bent,rubbing the rope harder than ever before
The mighty rope could take no more, fraying, almost crying out as it did, trying with every last fiber to keep hold of the mighty boulder
But,alas, with a final sad groan, as if in apology to the boulder, the rope snapped and the mighty boulder dropped to the ground and rolled down the hill towards the edge and finally over and into the sea below, where it still lies
The boulder,the rope and the tree shall never touch again
For the tree bends with the breeze
And now the rope also is pushed by the wind
And the mighty boulder is beneath the waves
All feel relieved
But the tree grows and eventually withers
The rope that now blows in the breeze becomes unraveled
And the waves slowly wear away the mighty boulder
All were strong together
Now they are freed
Alone to face their ends
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
Sometimes it's hard to remain held together
Pulled in multiple directions at once
Feeling undone

We try to fool ourselves
Everything's good
We soldier on

Wanting to be a better person
Knowing you never will be
Not as good as we'd like to be

But we keep

Or at least we
831 · May 2014
Wolf Among Sheep
Brendan Thomas May 2014
I am
A wolf among the sheep

They walk noisily about
Silently I creep

I walk as they do
I wear the same clothes

I meander my way through them
My prey will never know

The real me isn't so grand
This costume I wear is part of my plan

I'm not here to help you
I don't want your love

I am going to eat you
With teeth stained in blood
824 · Oct 2014
Vengeful Moon
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Moon,Oh! moon
'tis a shame upon you
you failed to give full light
when the hunters needed you

They all lost their footings
and fell to the ground
their souls made to wander
no longer ****** bound
799 · Mar 2014
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Soft rain falling down
New plants sprouting all around
Green lush countryside
Spring rain inspired this
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
I walk outside,as I open the door I get a slap in the face,not a mean slap,but more a gentle slap from a playful lover you've been away from for a short while.
I smile because I've missed that cold rush on my skin,I breathe deep into my lungs the painfully cold air and feel so alive.
I open my icy blue eyes and look out,past the white church steeple to the snow covered mountains,so tranquil and serene,wishing I could be there,as a person wishes to see an old friend.
then as if it were mere seconds since I entered the cold embrace of my winter love,she blows gently in my hair as if to say,please go inside now and get warm so you can come back to me soon.
reluctantly I listen,brush away the cold and go inside,where it's always too warm.
At least I can always walk back see her again
797 · Mar 2014
Caged Tiger(revisited)
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Adventurous spirit I still have inside
Though through these bars
no mountains left to climb

No thrill of the hunt
No shade under trees
On a vast arid desert
Like when I was free

Alone in my cage
Though the bars they are rusting
Maybe someday
though I'm no longer trusting.
789 · Mar 2014
Worlds apart
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Worlds away
Oceans between
Love knows no boundaries
When will they meet?

You send me your love
Of that I've no doubt
Oceans to cross
My times running out

I'll see you my love
In my dreams
In the night

All now seems possible
Our future is bright
787 · Dec 2017
Dec 7th
Brendan Thomas Dec 2017
In 1941
On this very day
A heinous deed done
In a cowardly way

Attacked while most slumbered
Chaos ensued
Now all awake
Their worst fears were true

Dead laying about
The damage was done
But a giant awoken
Fearing no-one

Heroes were born
From regular souls
Who leapt into action
Their futures unknown

The past is just that
No changing it now
Heroes from both sides
Lie dead in the ground

We should never forget them
One thing we Should do
Is never repeat
What both sides Did do

Attacked killed and maimed
The unfortunate souls
Both fighting for country
And the fight for control

Just thought I'd mention
What some had forgot
Freedom's not free
It cost quite a lot

We can never repay
What they have given
We can only be thankful
For such men and women
Hopefully we all remember what happened, and hope for peace and live life to the fullest
778 · Mar 2014
Piece of heart( lost)
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Why is it the ones you love most
Hurt you the worst
They know just what to say
Or even what look to give

You never see it coming
You'd think by now you'd know
See the signs ahead of time
And just turn around and go

Every time blindsided
It tears a piece of heart
Every time is next time
You've said that from the start

If you leave you're the ****
If you stay it's so much work
Why can't it just change
773 · Mar 2014
Aces and eights
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
It seems in this life
There's just struggle and strife
Happiness is fleeting
And only once in a while

Hope keeps most going
But can take us so far
Truth then takes hold
And call your cards

You show your hand of Hope
But it won't beat a straight
Not even two pair
You've got aces and eights
For anyone unfamiliar with the reference to aces and eights, its the" dead mans hand"
759 · Mar 2014
Not Alone
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
I see so much sadness
I know I'm not alone
So,So much pain
Rivers of it flow

I understand the reasons
Wish to help them all
How would that be possible
When I still trip and fall

Hope keeps showing itself
Only glimpses at a time
There's one who keeps me moving
She moves me all the time

Someday seems so distant
Like a mountain looming far
But someday keeps me going
Though sometimes it gets hard.
728 · May 2014
Rise and Fall
Brendan Thomas May 2014
I stood in the street
                       In the suns direct heat
                                                       I melted

                       The storm drain below
Mixed with the water

I began to flow

Far far away
                     Home to the ocean
                                                     From where I once came
                                                     Back in the sun
                     Heated  I rose
And again fell as rain
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
Oh, Oh, me, me
Me, me, I,I

I am the greatest
None can deny

Oh, Oh, I,I
Me,me, Oh, Oh

I do believe
That the greatest
Is sub-par, slightly slow

Me, I,Me, I
Me, I, Oh!

Even Old Macdonald
In his grave he does roll!
716 · Mar 2014
The Neverending Chain
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Two people linked by common thoughts
Are links within a chain
They run throughout the universe
With thoughts they cannot tame

Where they end they begin
And where they begin they end
Two roads shall meet
Where a sign shall read
"Here they became friends".
Inspired by a recent message
715 · Mar 2014
Bittersweet sunrise
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Saturday morning
and my love has gone
From my bed she left
with the approach of dawn

The sunrise bittersweet

beauty for the eyes
lonely for my heart
Will my love come back
I knew not from the start

Only time will tell.
706 · Apr 2014
Endless Love
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
They once called me crazy
I've since been deemed sane

Is it insanity
When I call out your name

In the middle of the night
Alone in my bed

My heart it bleeds sorrow
I can't hear your name

It drives me to madness
I'm going insane

I can't call you up
I can't knock on your door

Each time I think of you
I'm wanting you more

I wake in the darkness
A terrible fright

I don't feel any warmth now
I can't see the light

I try to forgive you
I try to let go

I still think about you
I thought you should know

I stand up
Leave a rose on your stone

Say my goodbyes
And walk myself home
703 · Dec 2014
Midnight Love
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
he wants her treated like a queen, and knows someday she'll find that
he wishes he could be there to give her his shoulder,wrap his arms 'round her
and tell her that bad part of life is over..
suddenly as night falls and they fall into slumber
they're together again ,as if they'd never parted
they lean in close,his arms around her
her head against his chest,wishing for this to never end
he's wishing day would never come
that they could live in their dreams forever and not have to part ever again
she tells him she's tired and starts to weep,
he's says,it's ok baby,I know you have to go..
I don't want to she says with tears in her eyes,
he's says it's ok,we'll be together soon for even the sun can't keep them apart forever, the moon must shine at night and that's when you'll see me again......
baby? he calls,
she says I love you,as her voice starts to get farther and farther away....
he opens his eyes alone and he cries........
he'll have to wait till the moon  again shines
to see his
midnight love
702 · Mar 2014
Quiet(I thought I wanted)
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
With my thoughts
In the dark
Of the night

Dreams now take flight

I dream of tomorrow
And of days long since past
I sit in the dark
Alone here at last

I once wanted peace
And quiet within
Now I know loneliness
And quiet within

I want sunlight
And warmth from another
Chaos and laughter
I want my true lover
692 · May 2014
A Beautiful Heart
Brendan Thomas May 2014
I hope that you're happy
You know who you are

You've driven our fair angel
Away from our hearts

She's leaving us all
Because of a few

I tried to persuade her
I don't know what to do

A heart that is pure
Is easily hurt

Her heart was ripped out
And thrown in the dirt

I think I can say for everyone here
All of us shall miss you
You're beautiful my dear!
You will be missed incredibly!
686 · Nov 2014
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
Life is but a dream within a dream
or so I've been told
and death just the beginning
from a life that's grown old

If these statements are true
then there's no need to worry
for when life starts again
there's still me and you
683 · Feb 2014
Struggle Within
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
Unquenchable thirst,adrift, lost at sea
I let fly my white dove,but returned he to me

No branch of an olive tree, held he in his beak
No sign of land the outlook was bleak

Had I one swallow,one droplet of rain
I still would be miserable,my problems remain

No water,no money,no freeflowing  tears
Can fix what's been broken for so many years

"What can I do?" or "How can I help?"
There is no solution,I know not myself

Time heals all wounds,but a wound there's never been
It's just a day to day struggle ,a struggle within.
Brendan Thomas Aug 2014
I've returned
From depths

Walked with the shadows
But yearned still for more

They warned
And they warned
Still did I crave

Now had my fill
Returned home from the grave

Back up above
Up from below
Now under sky
No longer crave what waits down below
675 · Mar 2014
Evil waits
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Things not going well now
I'm ready to crack
Satan himself
Laughs at my back

Waiting and hoping
The pressure will take
I'll say something awful
Like God is a fake

That's how he gets started
How he gets in
Turns you against God
And welcomes you in

I'm not that foolish
Sometimes I'm bothered
But he'll never deny me
The love of my Father
Going through rough patch, but I'll not give up.
663 · Feb 2014
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
I remain constant,like black and like white
Words from me spoken have leapt into flight
Spiraling swirls of colors and mist
Have crossed over mountains
That fair sun has just kissed

My creation gives pleasure
It also brings pain
Seeing destruction and tyranny reign
Will you forsake me? My world I create
You give rise to the decadent
Have I made a mistake?

You ask of my name
For this I've not said
I am Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the end.
656 · Mar 2014
Perfect Day
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Lying in the cool,flowing, overgrown grass
Bright,blue skies above you
A warm,fragant breeze flows over you,as if,
Someone is pulling the softest silk sheet across your body
Yet never quite touching you
Renewing you,as if you've slumbered for a thousand years

Clouds passing overhead
Imagination showing you figures and shapes,dreams and hopes
You've forgotten the worries of your previous life
To find a new life,now realizing,finally,
What life is meant to be

A lone ray of sunlight passes over you
As if to comfort,as a blanket might warm you on a cool night
You finally leave,a different person
With memories of your perfect day.
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