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Brendan Thomas May 2014
I hope that you're happy
You know who you are

You've driven our fair angel
Away from our hearts

She's leaving us all
Because of a few

I tried to persuade her
I don't know what to do

A heart that is pure
Is easily hurt

Her heart was ripped out
And thrown in the dirt

I think I can say for everyone here
All of us shall miss you
You're beautiful my dear!
You will be missed incredibly!
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
I'm sick of people writing **** they don't know anything about
but, that is "freedom" of speech
Poems about a soldier being promoted,wounded and losing his family
That's called "Sacrifice"
And is the reason you have the "freedom" to write that **** and add it to a collection of "humorous" poems.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
It seems in this life
There's just struggle and strife
Happiness is fleeting
And only once in a while

Hope keeps most going
But can take us so far
Truth then takes hold
And call your cards

You show your hand of Hope
But it won't beat a straight
Not even two pair
You've got aces and eights
For anyone unfamiliar with the reference to aces and eights, its the" dead mans hand"
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
Come with me
To where love does bloom

In this dark
And sensual room

Candles flicker
A warm breeze blows

A hint of jasmine
Through the window flows

Crashings waves
On outside shores

Leaves two lovers
Longing for more

More love
More time
More moments of bliss

More happy together
More moments like this
Brendan Thomas Nov 2020
A glass of wine
Or maybe ten

Will help me sleep
To do it again

Wake in the morn
Go do the job

Drive home at night
Fight through the mob

Finally home
Time with the family

Make sure the glass
Filled with wine is kept handy

Kids gone to bed
House quiet sky's red

I'll have a glass of wine
Or maybe ten

Then I'll wake up
And do it again
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
I woke in a darkness that paralyzed me
Looked for some light,still could'nt see

Time standing still,feeling alone
All by myself,nobody home

Out of the darkness I saw a faint light
Saw the alarm clock,realized it was night
I quickly turned over and turned on the light

No longer scared,what a beautiful light.
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
I look above to heaven
As we lie here in the field
Sun shining down on us
I breathe it in and "feel"

I feel the love I want
And know the love I need
You to me are both of those
And you are all I need
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
I find when I'm alone with my thoughts
questions arise
why do we only use roughly 10-14% of our brains potential

what if we could use more?

Say perhaps, most of it

what hidden secrets could we unlock?

could we hold entire conversations without saying a word?

I sit and ponder in my time alone,
are we part of a human collective conciousness that we have yet to rediscover
all our past, present and futures intertwined though at present we are too ignorant to the fact to accept it,


what if we do and we move toward understanding how exactly the unconcious mind works ,
are dreams we have clues to something larger that we simply pass off as "silly dreams"merely because we cannot comprehend what we are being told?

Here we are in the 21st century and still we do not understand where our minds/concious being  goes when we are put under anesthesia,
we simply are not there!

I for one find this a topic of immense wonder

It has been proven that while under the influence of powerful mind altering drugs that certain portions of the brain seem to be "unlocked"
and register off the charts
Anyway just one of the things I like to ponder when I'm alone with my thoughts.
just some things I think about,I have an interest in  and some education in psychology/neuroscience and molecular biology
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
Please don't judge me
By what I write

Somedays we're just
Wound up way too tight

As we sleep
We unwind slowly

We wake in the morning
Not feeling so lowly

There are always bad days

That's why there's tomorrow
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
You're only nice when it suits you
when you think I have something to give

You're only nice when it suits you
I guess you don't care if I live

You're only nice when it suits you
we've come to the end of the road

You're only nice when it suits you
I guess you can be nice alone
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
My mind is swirling
These thoughts aren't mine
Where did they come from
When did I cross this line

Aloneness rattles
Like an old rusty cage
When did I lose everything
Who turned that page

Life like a book
Is full of new chapters
Some full of sadness
Some full of laughter

This new chapter open
The old chapter closed
I'm lost in this moment
The clock hands have froze

I'm in control
Of my own destiny
The anchor chains broken
Going forward through the sea.
Brendan Thomas May 2014
The time now upon us
Great prophets foresaw

Country against country
Disregard for the law

Blood will be shed
Blood and tears fill the streets

A God looking down
Does no more than weep

A world he created
Will extinguish itself

Now this will happen
If we don't have his help

One thing I remember
And remember it well

He only helps those
Who help themselves

Now it's our problem
And we must find a cure

We all need to listen
And hear what is pure
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Did you ever lay by the ocean
Lover close by
Their hand in yours
No thought of time

Hours pass like minutes
You wish it wouldn't end
Time should stand still
No want to leave

Inevitably the moon appears
What a beautiful day
You and your love
Asleep by the bay
Brendan Thomas Sep 2014
A more conflicted soul
never wandered this plane

He'd give all he owns
for a chance to try again

****** if he does
****** if he doesn't

The choices conflicting
the outcomes unpleasant

Left to roam
                           in his mind
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
A call to arms,a call to arms
The peasants rise up from the farms
They're tired of weeding,planting and bleeding
All for their lords wanting not for his needing

All of their lives worked away in the fields
Only for the maybe, occasional meal

Their lives were hard,though they complained not at all
NOW they cry  JUSTICE and FREEDOM for all.
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
Don't remember where I was
I realized life was a game
The more seriously I took things
The harder the rules became
I had no idea what it cost
My life had passed before my eyes
I found out how little I'd accomplished
All my plans denied

So as you read this
Know my friends
I couldn't stay with you all
Smile when you think of me
My body 's gone that's all
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
The dragon guards his fortune
Though he has no use for it

He'll never let them take it
Not even The smallest bit

He's lived for centuries
He's seen many come and die

He knows they'll never get it
But enjoys to see them try

It is his only reason
For continuing on so long

He's here to guard his treasure
And to him this isn't wrong

Someday he'll be gone
And have to let it go

But Not Today
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
I hope that you find
the other half to your whole

With it true happiness
never grows old

When you do find it
you Will know true love

That is a gift
from the man up above

Work it will take
and you will have struggles

Just hold it tight
and your hearts love shall double
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Rising from the gates of Hell
The ancient angel Gabriel
He who first locked up the beast
To give the world its time of peace

Now the angel once again
Had the keys in his hands
To loose the beast upon the world
His time has come, his flag unfurled

A thousand years has been given he
By the one who made the keys
But when his reign is finally through
Back through the gates of Hell to his doom

He cannot win and this he knows
His aim to take as many souls
With him when he goes back to Hell
The most beautiful angel, before he fell.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
I see beauty in a sunrise
Hear music in the breeze
You only get so many
So treasure all of these

When my time here is ended
I know that I will miss
The beauty in each sunrise
And the music on the wind

I hope before I leave here
The words that pass my lips
Are I'm so glad I lived this long
To witness all of this
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
I feel partly alive
But mostly feel dead

Wish that that bullet
Didn't just graze my head

I stick me with needles
I snort up my nose

That's when I don't know
Where my mind really goes

At least it's not here
But somewhere at peace

I know that place
Is waiting for me

I'll be there soon
I try not to dwell

But the outlook for me
Does not look that well
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Saturday morning
and my love has gone
From my bed she left
with the approach of dawn

The sunrise bittersweet

beauty for the eyes
lonely for my heart
Will my love come back
I knew not from the start

Only time will tell.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
On the fringes of sanity
Frayed pages from a chapter
In a long forgotten book

A tale no one cares to read
Binding creased and stitching coming undone
"Read Me!" I shout, no one hears

I am not alone though
Shelves lined with thousands
No one notices until we fall

Fall from our place among the others
Then destroyed, no one realizes
We've been falling apart for years

Only after we are forever lost
Is it a "shame"

A gentle rustling
                   Breaks the silence,
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Adventurous spirit I still have inside
Though through these bars
no mountains left to climb

No thrill of the hunt
No shade under trees
On a vast arid desert
Like when I was free

Alone in my cage
Though the bars they are rusting
Maybe someday
though I'm no longer trusting.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
A caged tiger am I
My running days through
My eyes are now lifeless
My soul has died too

The fight gone from my spirit
I slumber through life
I peer through the bars
When I wake in the night

The time has come
Should I lie down and die?
Or should I keep surviving
As the days pass me by

Of one thing I am certain
One thing I know is true
One day these bars on my cage will rust
And I will slip right through.
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
What a Beautiful sky
I just saw outside

Pinks, reds,whites and blues
I sat in awe of those wonderful hues

It started dreary, then the clouds gave way
It's funny how something so simple
Can brighten your day
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
I walk outside,as I open the door I get a slap in the face,not a mean slap,but more a gentle slap from a playful lover you've been away from for a short while.
I smile because I've missed that cold rush on my skin,I breathe deep into my lungs the painfully cold air and feel so alive.
I open my icy blue eyes and look out,past the white church steeple to the snow covered mountains,so tranquil and serene,wishing I could be there,as a person wishes to see an old friend.
then as if it were mere seconds since I entered the cold embrace of my winter love,she blows gently in my hair as if to say,please go inside now and get warm so you can come back to me soon.
reluctantly I listen,brush away the cold and go inside,where it's always too warm.
At least I can always walk back see her again
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
In fine feather now ,feeling no pain
my darkness appeased as I sit in the rain
I stumble about through the alleys and yards
though my eyes through this trickery
have me wandering tall grasses
on my old family farm
sun on my face ,breeze at my back
as a lovers warm breath
whispering "Come home ,my love"
soon I answer
then as soon as she came
she was gone once again
so I'll keep sitting here
waiting for her
her warm breath on my neck
the sun in her hair

and the end of this cold lonely rain
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Among the canopy of trees
I sit and I watch

The monkees make trouble
the mice tease the hawks

In my jungle
nothing is as it seems

The sky ends somewhere
below in the streams

King of my jungle
I watch the sun set

It burns toward the ocean
where it gets wet

It dries then it rises
only to get wet then set
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
I finally understand
"you're ****** if you don't and ****** if you do"
if you do what's best for you and that's all
you end up hurting those closest to you

you can please some people all the time
and all people some of the time
but you can't please everyone all the time
how true

****** if you don't and ****** if you do!
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
I feel death lingering
And realize
My soul dies a little more
Each day

If my heart was still alive
It would pump more pain
Through my dead veins

Maybe it's better to be numb
Not feel anything
Dead inside
At least there's no more pain

Slowly slipping into a sleep
With no waking

Resting in peace
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
The fields of gold
Sway in the breeze
Forests of green
Inhabited by fairies

The woodland creatures bow
Before the fairies and the trees
Who always did provide
The food,the way,the means

All did bow in homage
To the ones who rode the breeze
Fire breathing flyers
Did never burn their trees

Ominous full of mystery
These giants who fire did they breathe
Were once as plentiful as the trees
Now only do they live on
In history and in dreams
I was listening to a song I like by "Rush" and came up with this, hope you like it.
Definitely out of the ordinary for me.
Brendan Thomas Dec 2017
In 1941
On this very day
A heinous deed done
In a cowardly way

Attacked while most slumbered
Chaos ensued
Now all awake
Their worst fears were true

Dead laying about
The damage was done
But a giant awoken
Fearing no-one

Heroes were born
From regular souls
Who leapt into action
Their futures unknown

The past is just that
No changing it now
Heroes from both sides
Lie dead in the ground

We should never forget them
One thing we Should do
Is never repeat
What both sides Did do

Attacked killed and maimed
The unfortunate souls
Both fighting for country
And the fight for control

Just thought I'd mention
What some had forgot
Freedom's not free
It cost quite a lot

We can never repay
What they have given
We can only be thankful
For such men and women
Hopefully we all remember what happened, and hope for peace and live life to the fullest
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
Swirls of white
Within my tea

The warming drink
Does comfort me

Around my mind creeping
Demons while I'm sleeping

Awake yet again
Though I'd rather not be

But closing my eyes
Brings the demons to me

Daylight , my reprieve
But alas it is fleeting

Once darkness falls
The demons start creeping

Cup of tea anyone?
Brendan Thomas Nov 2021
Crazy,troubling times
These days we're living in
No more groovy trends or one hit wonders
Just something called inflation

Paychecks won't go up
The only thing that stays the same
Gas,groceries, just living
Seems to harder to obtain

Well everybody keep
Keep just keepin on
Don't worry yourselves tonight
Go to sleep or wait for dawn

Either way though
Only two things are for sure
Death and taxes friends
So keep your spirits pure

Cause on the final day
When we find out where we'll go
Hopefully up not down
That day we'll know for sure
Worrying never helps
But optimism matters
If it's down and not up
Hope you find a ladder
Just felt like writing something.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Overwhelming sadness
I know not what to do
Spiraling downward
No will left to fight

Each day will be better
Or so I pretend
Laughing on the outside
My insides are dead

Oh who can save me
What pill should I take
I'll take no more pills
Their happiness is fake

I'll give it my all each and every day
Will it be enough,I cannot say
I will simply keep going
Until I can't
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
I walked through a town
That I once knew
Walked not drove
And that's how I knew

All along the side of the road
Bottles and cans strewn all around
Flattened cigarette packs,
General ******* and such
Stark reminders
Of those down on their luck

We drive past such things
Each and every day
We don't blink an eye
Nor do we say

Maybe that fellow
Could use a lift
It's pedal to the metal
And around all lifes corners

We drift.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Starting to get tipsy
A bakers dozen down
The pain,I still can feel it
"Another drink please now"

Pain is now subsiding
Numbness in my brain
I wish I could melt where I stand
And go straight down the drain

No pain, no thoughts, no anything
No yearning to go on
I feel the tug of sleep now
I'm going to lie down

And dream of pleasant mornings
With the hope of coming dawn
I' ll do it again tomorrow
Until I can't go on
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Useless babble
Thrown forth from a drunk
Reminds me of a child
Playing with bubbles in a tub

You can't understand them
You laugh and you think
One's just a baby
But the other
How much did he drink?
Inspired by a drunk friend babbling while his wife gave his son a bath,thought it funny and ironic(at least his son had a good reason for babbling, he was under 2) :)
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
We started out nothing
And as nothing we shall end
Brendan Thomas Apr 2014
They once called me crazy
I've since been deemed sane

Is it insanity
When I call out your name

In the middle of the night
Alone in my bed

My heart it bleeds sorrow
I can't hear your name

It drives me to madness
I'm going insane

I can't call you up
I can't knock on your door

Each time I think of you
I'm wanting you more

I wake in the darkness
A terrible fright

I don't feel any warmth now
I can't see the light

I try to forgive you
I try to let go

I still think about you
I thought you should know

I stand up
Leave a rose on your stone

Say my goodbyes
And walk myself home
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Things not going well now
I'm ready to crack
Satan himself
Laughs at my back

Waiting and hoping
The pressure will take
I'll say something awful
Like God is a fake

That's how he gets started
How he gets in
Turns you against God
And welcomes you in

I'm not that foolish
Sometimes I'm bothered
But he'll never deny me
The love of my Father
Going through rough patch, but I'll not give up.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Come o weary souls
To the house at the end of the road
Where many a man
Had met his end

Some had come
Looking for truths
Some had found
The hanging noose

Last steps taken
Through the trees
Lonely whispers
From the leaves

Answers given
Those that seek
Will you laugh
Will you weep.
Brendan Thomas Oct 2019
Taken too soon
Everything you taught me
All the love you gave
I miss you so much

Every day seems the same
I try to make you proud
It all seems pointless now that you're gone

I'll have to find myself now
But who am I trying to be
I dont know
Please help me
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
I've never known fear
Though I'm feeling it now
Unsure of my future
Feelings abound

How to proceed
I am at a loss
My compass is spinning
No land have I crossed

Fear a new feeling
To add to my list
I'm not sure I like it
I'll have to fight through this

My chemical happiness
Can't help me now
It's my heart that now ails me
Not sure I can fix this,I don't know how.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
I feel a fool
Things not  what they seem
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
People call him crazy
I guess maybe it's true
"When it comes to war,
You do what you have to do"

The faces never leave him
When he's alone and in the dark
The lives that he has taken
Leaves a scar upon his heart

"Why?how could you ****"
The people all would say
He'd give a half-hearted chuckle
And turn and walk away

He did it not for medals
For money or for spite
He did it so the rest of us
Wouldn't have to fight.
Brendan Thomas Feb 2014
I remain constant,like black and like white
Words from me spoken have leapt into flight
Spiraling swirls of colors and mist
Have crossed over mountains
That fair sun has just kissed

My creation gives pleasure
It also brings pain
Seeing destruction and tyranny reign
Will you forsake me? My world I create
You give rise to the decadent
Have I made a mistake?

You ask of my name
For this I've not said
I am Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the end.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
I lust for adventure
For romance anew
When will it start
It's all up to you

Fortune rewards the bold they say
Though bold I am not
Maybe that's why I'm here
And why you are not
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
A promise to be,
A shoulder to cry on

A loving hand
To pick you up when you fall

A warm heart
When your heart's feeling cold

A friend who'll still love you
Even when we've grown old

An ear to listen
To your worries and fears

A warm gentle hand
To wipe away any tears

Whatever will be,will be
And there's nothing we can do
But you'll always have me
My friendship promise to you
You mean the world to me!
I hope you know that
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